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It's Good to be King! A Parable

Edward J. Brown · Jun. 20, 2013

Why all the criticism? Kings can do anything they want; and go any place they wish! In 2012 the people were asked to vote for a King, or if they not to have a king, then a President to lead THEIR Republic. A slim majority among the serfs who were promised if they voted for the man who would be king, that he would let them keep more of their crops and provide them with new free electric wagons to transport the fruits of their labor to His huge new storage barns outside His palace. They believed Him as they had four years earlier even though He had nothing to show for His accomplishments. He was returned to power with the aid of His faithful courtyard jesters whom He had promised a bigger and better roll in His bigger and better kingdom than He had delivered in His previous four years on the throne. The kingdom’s wealth would be spent first of course on Himself. After all He was King. His office and self esteem demanded it. The leftovers could go back to the people the King had promised to keep safe and secure proving they would relinquish their Freedoms to Him.

It’s a good time for He and His family to take a trip to Ireland and Africa. The hay is ready to cut and bale so the serfs will be able to mow it while He and his family relaxes. The people surrendered their rights to have a say in the matter while in the polling booth, so it’s too late to do anything about it now. Serfs have been educated to work by the sweat of their brows just to keep what they can afford. They have long since given up any hope of pursuing greater happiness. The majority seem to have forgotten that they are citizens who have a say in ways our taxes are being spent. Don’t blame the King who believes His Office includes a royal lifestyle. Blame the serfs who put Him on His throne. Keep them from touring the King’s palace this summer or any summer. They may have mud on their shoes.

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