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Duane V. Grassell / June 27, 2013

Prescription Against Dictatorship

In my recent commentary on the Path to Dictatorship, I attempted to identify the problem that has placed our great nation in its current trouble, especially with the administration currently governing. However, as an educator with over 33 year’s experience, I never identify a problem without offering a solution.

It has been noted by both unbiased and biased news media, that U.S. citizens have increased the national rate in firearm’s purchases since the election of our current president. The rate of sales surged even more after his reelection. People have made preparations for what is perceived to be a government that could transition into tyranny. The administration has done little to quell this perception. While our founding fathers’ gave us the right to keep and bear arms for both national and home defense, the current administration is working hard to deny this right to law abiding citizens and demonizes those who advocate this right. A secondary problem to the perception of tyranny is that while the administration is advocating the disarming of the citizens they govern, they are, at the same time, building up arms in many of the departments and bureaus that are in place to serve the public. Many departments employ their own “security” force that is armed to a point that would rival any military. Even the Agriculture Department and the Department of Education employ military style security forces. The only reason I can see for this administration to form such units is to change from a government that governs its citizens to one that rules over them.

In the past two years, I have read many grassroots commentaries where people have written that they are prepared to defend themselves, their families, their homes and their businesses against tyrannical government intrusion by show of force. While I have great admiration for those who would take such a stand, I would recommend that such a stand not be made if we are ever confronted with such a conflict. The reason I give for this advice is the memories I still have of Ruby Ridge and Waco. One occurred during a Republican administration, while the other occurred during a Democrat one. To a lesser degree, I also recall the Easter weekend storming of a private home where a six year old boy was taken from one side of his family and to be returned to a father who had no role in the boy’s life, all due to the American communist president at the time to submit to the wishes of the Cuban communist president. Fortunately no citizen lost their life that day at the hands of their government. More recently Patriot Post Publisher Mark Alexander has documented two armed invasions of American businesses by thuggish “security” forces that were for purely political purposes. Again, we are thankful that no lives of citizens were lost by the hands of a government who used an overwhelming invasion force on these businesses. Neither of these invasions were well broadcast by the abetting mainstream media.

Our government, with the use of tax dollars confiscated from us, have employed well trained thugs who will use military style assault weapons, wear body armor and work as a team to obtain their objective. They do not care about the Constitutional protections you are guaranteed when they come bursting through your door. Whether you are lead away manacled hand and foot or in a body bag makes no difference to them. If they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution as every military soldier has, they display no interest in keeping this oath. While the political left frequently demands that our military not use overwhelming force against our foreign enemies, as was done during the first Iraq war, they do not hesitate to use such force against a private U.S. citizen. Unless a group of private citizens is able to employ the same weaponry, defenses, communications and teamwork necessary to go up against such a “security” force, they are inviting a massacre. In short, our government is equipped to kill or imprison a large portion of our population in a moment’s notice should they will it.

So what is the solution? How can we change such a government that is ready, willing and able to take away the freedoms our fathers’ fought for? How do we keep from being the generation that lost this freedom? History has the answer.

History records many occasions when a military David defeated its Goliath. The most famous of these military miracles was our own American revolution. How was it that groups of homegrown American militias defeated a professional British army? The British Empire, both before and after the American Revolution, were the most successful colonizing force in every corner of the world. Their navy defeated the Spanish Armada. One generation after the American Revolution, the British army stopped Napoleon from his attempt to conquer most of Europe. With troop strength of just under 5,000, the British government was able to rule tens of millions on the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. The only big blemish suffered by the British colonial movement for many centuries was the loss of the American colonies. What was it that allowed home grown patriots to defeat and drive out the British military and statecraft when no other subjected people group was able to do the same? Some cite our home field advantage, but other nations also had home field against European colonists and could not accomplish their removal. Others say we were blessed to have the leadership of many highly educated and determined leaders. This is partially true. While we were blessed with truly great leadership, there was an important facet in these leaders had in common. The common thread that lead to victory in our revolution and allowed for a Constitutional form of government establishing freedom as man’s God given right was the fact that our founding fathers were, to a man, true Christians at heart. Many secular university professors will tell us that our founding fathers were deists, agnostics or secularist, but an examination of the original writings of our founders before and during the revolution as well as during the Constitutional convention reveal men who had put their faith in Jesus Christ. Many bring up Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson as examples of founders who were not godly men. However, Franklin gave from his wealth to all churches in Philadelphia and Jefferson attended church services in the newly built Capitol while he was president. Several of the men who served in the writing of our Declaration of Independence and the later writing of our Constitution also served as pastors in their communities. One of the first acts of the new Congress created after our Constitution was ratified was to use public funds to send Christian missionaries to the surrounding tribes of natives. How is that for your separation of church and state?

This nation was indeed blessed to have Christian men lead this nation in its early days. One historic fact that which lead to prevalent Christian belief at the time of our founding was that a Great Awakening occurred while our founders were children. Though not taught in our secular universities or public schools, the Great Awakening started in 1730 and continued into the 1760s. The Great Awakening was a time when great preachers taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ effective enough that many colonists of both high and lower class lived their lives as Spirit filled Christians. Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison grew up in this atmosphere that helped shape them into adulthood and an influential godly leadership in our fight for independence and the writing of our Constitution. The main influence in the writing of our Constitution was the Holy Bible. Adams even said our Constitution was primarily written for a Christian people. Washington was a prolific writer who left four volumes of maxims, with one of the maxims being about righteous living. Our founders were men who relied on the Providence of God in their daily living.

Am I suggesting that God was on our side during the revolution? An examination of the writings of our founders reveals that they believed it. Many gave thanks to God and Jesus Christ for our victories. On more than one occasion, a day of prayer and fasting, was called for by the Continental Congress. Washington wrote of several incidents going back to the French and Indian War where he survived attacks in which he should have been killed. This included occasions where horses were shot from under him and bullets tore through his uniform but never injured him. Washington credited God for protecting him in battle and believed that God spared him so that he could be the leader in the founding of a new nation. History and the Bible records occasions where God has intervened with His army when His people needed protection in battle. Joshua, chapters 5 and 6, record Joshua meeting with the commander of the army of the Lord before the battle of Jericho. Judges, chapter 7, records how the Lord caused confusion among the enemies of Israel by causing them to turn on each other giving Gideon a victory over the Midianites. In 2nd Kings, chapter 6, Elisha asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servant when they were surrounded by the army of the King of Aram. When the servant’s eyes were opened, he saw a heavenly army outnumbering the army besieging the King of Israel. There are other examples I can cite from scripture, but the point is that our founders knew these Biblical stories and they prayed in earnest for God’s protection and gave thanks when victory was won. The British were even aware of the spiritual guidance of our founding fathers. Part of war against our nation included war on the clergy that served as our spiritual leaders. The British referred to our clergy as the Black Robe regiment and burned hundreds of churches in their campaign to keep the colonies British. Our enemies were well aware of the role of God in the hearts of the patriots during the revolution.

In the years that followed, we had our share of saints and scoundrels leading our nation. But Christianity remained a strong influence in our nation. In 1835, French researcher Alexis de Tocqueville, writing in his study of the United States, Democracy in America, included in his work the role of churches in American society. He was one of the first to communicate that God was truly blessing America. In 1892, the Supreme Court , in the case of the Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, declared that the United States was indeed a Christian nation. Writing for the majority, Justice David J. Brewer cited over a hundred laws and precedents that backed this opinion. During this time period our nation prospered like no nation before becoming the strongest of economic and military powers. We were truly blessed by God.

In the 20th century, the political left began their struggle to remove Christianity as an influence in our nation. In the 1920s, the American Civil Liberties Union was founded by Roger Baldwin, an atheist. The ACLU set up its first offices alongside Communist Party USA. One of the goals of the ACLU was to transform the United States into a secular nation. Soon a major political party in our nation adopted the platforms of both CPUSA and the ACLU. Within one generation, the Supreme Court in Engel v. Vitale (1962) banned voluntary prayer in public schools despite the free exercise clause guaranteed by the first amendment. The next year the Supreme Court banned Bible reading in violation of the same 1st amendment right. Both cases ignored years of precedent and did what the Constitution prohibits Congress from doing. We are experiencing the consequences of these decisions 50 years after they were handed down. For the first time, the youth of our nation, including this writer, were not hearing any godly message in the realm where they spent most of their lives. We can pinpoint the acceleration of the decline of our great nation and the rise of the radical left from this moment in history. In our current condition, Christianity has become a minority influence while secularism and humanism have become the predominant thought of our electorate and political leadership. We are now reaping the consequences of our rejection of God. The current administration has pushed against the Christian influence harder than any administration before it. In one of his first appearances as president, our “dear leader” ordered the covering of all Christian symbols at a university he was speaking at despite it being a Jesuit university. During this administration, military chaplains were barred from praying in the name of Jesus Christ under penalty of court martial. Recently, publisher Mark Alexander pointed out that all troops were forbidden from evangelizing Christianity under the same penalty. So now the administration is attempting to do to our troops what the Supreme Court did to our children in the 1960s. In the US military that once called on God and Jesus Christ for protection in battle, Christ has been banned while homosexuality has been embraced. Woe to you who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

So what is my prescription against dictatorship? We have got to bring Jesus Christ back as an influence in this nation. Those of us who are true believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ need to spread the Word to as many people as possible. We need to return the populace into a large majority who believe in Christ. We should witness, in love, everywhere in America, even in parts of our nation that our hostile to us. We should preach the greater love of Jesus Christ at a gay pride event. We should witness at a DNC convention. We should witness in Wall Street and in welfare offices. We should witness in Hollywood and Broadway. We should witness outside of Mosques, temples, universities, union halls and anywhere else you think the Word needs to be spread. We don’t know who, at any time, will or will not receive the Gospel in their heart. Only God does. But this is what we are called to do as believers. Matthew 28:19 We need a second great awakening before our nation falls like many others before it. There are many Christian denominations today, so I recommend any one who witnesses stick to a common denominator. The first is that we are all sinners who will someday be subject to God’s final judgment, that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins on the cross, that He rose from the dead giving the promise of eternal life with God and that He will come back for Earth’s final judgment. Second, a true convert to Christianity will receive the Holy Spirit which changes lives. It’s these changed lives that will change our country. I personally know true Christians today, who were formerly drug dealers, homosexuals, perpetual welfare recipients, evolutionary scientists and career criminals who accepted Christ and through the work of the Holy Spirit left their sinful life behind. Finally, the Bible is the holy Word of God that is the best source for living both a spiritual and earthly life. If a secularist tells you not to use the Bible as a reference in a dialogue, tell them this and keep using it. In addition to spreading to Word to everyone you can, follow up by continuing to instruct those who have converted. Do not let them be the seed that falls on rocky soil, is eaten by birds or choked by weeds. Matthew 13:3-8. Continue to teach and make them strong in the Word and let the Holy Spirit allow them to grow. Finally, we should get them in a community of believers that have a thirst to learn God’s Word. This means we should also be proficient in the Word. We also need to be humble and prayerful. We need to ask God’s forgiveness that our nation has murdered 50 million unborn babies as well as unknown others outside the womb. We need to ask God’s forgiveness for all sexual immorality that has pervaded our nation to the point that we even allow it in our homes through cable and internet providers. We need to ask God’s forgiveness that our nation has allowed millions to live comfortably without working contrary to God’s instruction to work before mankind fell into sin. We need to ask God’s forgiveness for turning our children over to a school system that teaches information contrary to God’s Word. We need to ask God to heal our nation and we have to be His instrument in making it happen. In the book of Jonah, most people remember the story of the prophet being swallowed by a great fish. The important lesson in Jonah is that God will save a nation if they truly repent from their sinful ways. What God did for Nineveh, He can do for the United States if we return to Him.

If we return to a nation of Spirit–filled Christians it is my hope that we will become a nation that will not vote for the party that runs up debts and promotes sin. If we return to a nation of Spirit-filled Christians, hopefully that army of the Lord that helped Israel will also come to our aid when we need it most.

I am not a pastor. Instead I am just a layman, a sinner saved by God’s grace who worships in a church that teaches us to read the Word and to witness to the unsaved in our surroundings. I have seen the power of God transform my life as well as those I have known both before and after their conversion. I have seen communities around the world transformed once Gospel had been accepted by that society. I have seen how dedicated Christians in East Germany play a role in the bringing down the Berlin Wall. Christians, using the power of God can make a difference when they beseech God for help and get involved in advancing the Gospel. America needs to be awakened. If you truly follow Jesus Christ and are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, please do what you can to wake this nation up.

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