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Pope John Paul II Sainthood: Too Much, Too Soon

Albert Maslar · Jul. 9, 2013

Pope Francis XXIII announced the ‘Pope of Life,’ John Paul II, to be declared a saint. I for one do not agree to two things: the rush to judgment, or the rush to sainthood for Pope John Paul II. Everyone who passes from this life in the good graces of God is a SAINT. So why the rush to sainthood for Pope Paul II? I firmly believe that this rush is short-sighted because Pope John Paul II was held in much esteem, receiving earthly accolades and honors which even Jesus Christ did not want or receive.

Paul II did nothing tangible about the clergy scandal of priests that sexually brutalized young boys. The Cardinals came to Rome at great expense but NOTHING was actually done; no clergy were dismissed, no punishments administered, and at least one-third of Church membership, along with their contributions were lost under his watch. Churches, schools, hospitals and social services were contracted and closed. Pope Benedict XVI had the audacity to say the Church had to get smaller. Where is that in the words of Jesus who ordered the Apostles to go and SPREAD the Gospel, not contract it?

Nothing was done about the homosexual lobby in the Vatican that permeated the Church. Adding insult to injury, the Pope gave precedence to Islam over Protestant Christian sects. And curiously, these miracles always benefit the religious. Pope John Paul II may very well be a saint in that he died in good grace and now his soul resides in heaven, but a formal public worldwide declaration, I think is too much too soon.

And NOTHING was done about the scandals of Jesuit institutions of higher learning, as many as 20 of 25 in the USA that took heretical positions on homosexuality and abortion, even promoting internships with Planned Parenthood – a truly evil organization developed by Margaret Sanger to abort children of undesirables, code word for Blacks. If anything, the Church has drifted away from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. There needs to be a year of Penance for evil that continues to inhabit too much of the Church. Will the first Jesuit to reach the papacy, Pope Francis XXIII rein in his sometimes liberal Jesuit order?

What was done recently by Vatican clergy career scholars was to ignore the problem, but instead at great time and cost imposed on parishes, negate prayers that people grew up with and committed to memory, changing and inventing words, concentrating on form and missing the substance. No mention, apology, or Penance, for the clergy sexual scandals enabled by Bishops and Cardinals who with massive cover-ups brought the Church to its knees in the wrong way. Will the earthly supreme representative of Jesus Christ follow Jesus’ example once again to upset the money tables in the Temple of God?

In light of a Shakespeare line in Julius Caesar, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones,” the formal declaration of sainthood for John Paul II might have proven to be more prudent to let time sort out the complicated tenure and times of John Paul II.

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