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No Big Deal: 8-Year-Old Girls Don't Vote Anyhow

Murray T. Bass · Jul. 22, 2013

On July 19, 2013, a headline in the local papers trumpeted, “Oakland shooting kills girl, wounds three.” An 8-year-old girl is dead. A 4 and 7-year-old is shot as is a 64-year-old grandmother.

No word from the White House. Silence. The unspoken response from the White House? “No big deal. 8-year-old’s don’t vote anyhow.”

Last year more than 6,000 young black men and boys who could have looked like Obama if they had been his sons were murdered by 6,000 young black men and boys who could have been Obama himself at their age. Or was it the other way around? 6,000 young black men and boys who could have been Obama himself at their age were murdered by 6,000 young black men and boys who could have looked like Obama if they were his sons. What was the word from the White House? Just like the year before and the year before that when his look a-likes were killing each other in the same numbers: relative silence. Too bad, but dead young black men and boys don’t vote. Can’t use that to inflame the black base. No big deal.

Last year in his old home town of Chicago, 700 young black men and boys who could have looked like Obama murdered 700 young black men and boys who could have looked like his sons if he had sons. White House silence signals no big deal – black boys will be black boys.

In a 3 day period in his old neighborhood in Chicago 41 young black men and boys were murdered by 41 young black men and boys. White House by its silence again signals no big deal. That’s what happens in Chicago. Yeah, no big deal.

The little 8-year-old girl was at an age where she might have looked like one of his daughters, but wasn’t. So, no big deal. She couldn’t vote anyhow.

But a young black man/boy is shot to death by a Hispanic young man as he was trying to beat the Hispanic to death, smashing his head against the concrete. Now that’s a big deal. No matter that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him for anything in the first place. Obama has Attorney General Holder send agents down to Florida to persuade the District Attorney to file charges even if there wasn’t enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury; file the charges anyway. Besides, it would help her reelection campaign. All this time, enlist the help of the media to create a drummed up case against the young Hispanic. Over and over and over again.

Fire up the emotions of the black masses. Create a lynch mob. So the case goes to trial and the Hispanic is found innocent by an all female jury – 6 mothers who could have placed themselves in the position of the young black man’s parents. Mothers found the young Hispanic man innocent based on the evidence presented and the testimony heard. The White House wonders if black justice has been served. Mr. President, in a criminal case such as this there is no such thing as black justice or white justice or Hispanic justice. Only American justice. American Justice found the young Hispanic innocent when he was found not guilty by a unanimous vote of the women on the jury. Those women were selected by both the prosecution and the defense. They were not appointed by prejudiced anti-black folks. “There should have been black people on the jury.” How would that have changed the facts? The only change might have been to replace objective lady jurors with black jurors who might be likely to be 95% in favor of whatever Obama wanted them to do, just as they are at election time. I don’t think it would have made a difference. Honest black folks would have come to the same decision as the lady jurors. So the verdict is in. What now?

Signals of sympathy for the black young man’s family are suggesting strongly that the next event will be federal charges of civil rights violations, using the same evidence that jurors found the young Hispanic to be innocent of wrongdoing. Self defense is not a crime. It will be a slow and tortuous process culminating with the 2014 elections.

What we have is an unscrupulous racist president who has built an unscrupulous racist administration staffed by unscrupulous racist czars who care not for real justice. Only vote getting “racial justice.” In the process they are creating the elements of a real race war. Using the media to whip up violence in young ignorant blacks supported by victim slave masters like Jackson and Farrakahn – slave masters who use these trumped up situations to make big money. So, what do we do?

First, protect yourself and your families from the politically generated violence. Enforce the law. There is no such thing as acceptable violence against person and property just because we call it “protest.” Meet the violence with water guns and tear gas and other non-lethal means. Meet lethal with lethal.

Get rid of the president and his staff who promote racial violence and do not enforce the law uniformly for all citizens. Impeach the president and all treasonous legislators who support his unconstitutional behavior. Shut the government down until we return to the original intent of our constitution and the Rule of Law. Arm yourself to protect your family and freedom from the new tyranny. Be prepared to meet a new standing army with force. Refuse to obey laws that are unconstitutional and regulations that have no basis in law. Be willing to be disobedient. It is time to throw the tea into the harbor. Finally, find honest citizens to replace the corrupt “establishment.” Vote them in. Don’t let them stay in office long enough to become corrupt.

Much has been said about the 95% of blacks voting for the President as being the difference in the election. That is only true because other Americans did not vote. Blacks represent only 13 % of the population. That is not enough to make the difference if all of us go to the polls and make sure that the vote is honest and the count of that vote is honest. The Administration is likely to use the threat of violence as an excuse for martial law. That will be the Standing Army we are arming ourselves against. Look at their preparations. 4,000 armored vehicles in the inventories of non-military departments. Almost all federal field employees are armed with .40 caliber hand guns and more than a billion rounds of deadly hollow point ammunition for those weapons. Develop strategies now that will neutralize any apparent advantages of the “standing army.” Become expert with the new weapons of war. I pray that we can make the change without being forced into violence. What will be will be.

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