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'Who Am I to Judge?' An Answer to Pope Francis' Question

Murray T. Bass · Aug. 5, 2013

When elevated to Papacy, a person gives up any right to purely personal public statements. Every comment is one of the policies, procedures, morals and values of Christian Catholicism. As Pope, he not only has the right to judge, but the obligation to judge the role – the presence – of homosexual priests in the church. Christian tradition and scriptures depict homosexuality an evil and as sinful. Why would Pope Francis endorse such behavior by not condemning it?

A priest with homosexual “tendencies” is a person who has had homosexual experiences which enables him to decide whether he is homosexual.

The Pope apparently has forgotten the priests who abused young boys were engaging in homosexual activities. It would be naive to believe that older homosexual priests did not introduce younger priests to homosexuality. It would also be very naive to believe that homosexual priests who share living quarters do not engage in homosexual activities in the privacy of night. A priestly Catholic Bathhouse?

In view of the history of abusive behavior in the Catholic Church, what should Pope Francis have done when the issue of homosexual priests arose? As Pope, to be true to Christianity and God, he should have condemned it. What he should do now is to retire all of those priests with “homosexual tendencies” and remove them as role models and teachers of Catholics. His acceptance of unnatural behavior unfortunately raises the question of his own sexual orientation. If he, too, is one with homosexual tendencies, he should also resign or retire.

A furtherance of a homosexual agenda in American Catholic churches would explain the churches’ endorsement of the Common Core Initiative. The Nationalization of education at the expense of traditional quality Catholic education. In addition to “one fits all” dumbing down, Common Core endorses acceptance of moral standards not consistent with Christian moral values. Among them is the acceptance and teaching of unnatural sexual behavior as normal. That now appears to be the view of Catholic leadership even though it is in direct opposition to Christian moral values.

If you are a Catholic, you have to be asking, “What ha happened to my church”? You should also ask, “Where can I now go to worship Christ with true Christian leadership”? Morality is the basis for true love and family.

Yes Pope Francis, as Pope you have a responsibility to “judge.” The judgment you have made tells the world that the Catholic Church no longer teaches Christian values and morality.

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