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NJ Gov. Christie: Just Another RINO

Albert Maslar · Aug. 12, 2013

Chip Wood penned the following header preceding his full take on Gov. Christie as posted on “Personal Liberty Digest”: “Please, Governor Christie: Shut Up! Why, when public sentiment is shifting in their favor, do Republicans form a circular firing squad and begin taking pot shots at each other? Let’s begin the sad survey with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s needless denunciation of the ‘dangerous’ tilt toward libertarianism represented by Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky.”

RINO Gov. Christie sold out NJ and the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Chip Wood paints a dismal disorganized picture of the Gone Ole Party, and none too soon. They are a bunch of incumbency hypocrites that are in it for themselves only, a not best-kept secret wing of the Liberal Party, but losers for America. Christie has a record of kissing-up to Obama, begging and thanking Obama for “Sandy” natural disaster funding.

Laurel and Hardy, best known as the “Fat and Skinny” comedy team of the early silent cinema era have risen as the Phoenix from the ashes to become the current version of “Oliver” the fat Christie, and “Laurel” the skinny Obama. Where the current duo of Christie and Obama differ from Laurel and Hardy is that their films were silent, but these two guys never stop talking, trash that it is.

Shut the government down or not? Idiots as well as losers. Only 40% of government would shut down in lieu of another of many Continuing Resolutions while the 60 cents to the dollar of current expenditures would continue on a prioritized basis, which is as it should be. This may be the only way to finally tame and starve the beast.

Christie forcing a wasted election for senator is the ultimate exercise in futility, gross mismanagement, wasting of money and resources. Who does he think will win this fiasco; not true Conservatives? Someone good for NJ and the country? Not likely.

Former Gov. Jon Corzine, with unauthorized borrowing and spending, first ran NJ down and actually into bankruptcy though not yet declared, and then did the same to MF Global on Wall Street by improper co-mingling of company and client funds, causing MF Global to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As the Sundance Kid said, “Who are those guys?”

Be they – Corzine, Christie, Clinton, Bush, and Obama – they all come from the same mold of the Prodigal Son who demanded “his inheritance,” squandered it, and welcomed back to opulence though the inheritance was gone. And in America’s case, the inheritance from the Founders may certainly be gone for good, though it is masked and papered over with fake FED Monopoly Money to keep the party going. A pox on all their houses.

I never miss voting, but the August 13 special election mandated by Christie might be a first for me. Thomas Jefferson warned of times like these when American freedoms might have to be won once again, the hard way.

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