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A White Wolf in Black Sheep's Skin

Murray T. Bass · Sep. 11, 2013

Sometimes an event can lead you to truth. It makes you step back and take a good look at the whole picture. That’s what happened to me.

Recently, I read a letter from a lady extolling the virtues and abilities of President Obama. I think that the lady honestly believes Mr. Obama was elected because of his qualifications. That he was not elected because of the color of his skin.

Except for the fact he is glib and a persuasive speaker, Mr. Obama had no real qualifications to become president. He was a welcome opportunity for the black community to realize a part of Martin Luther King’s dream of equality. The same was true for many white folks. Erase the inherited guilt of generations. No, Mr. Obama was elected because he was black. We all had hope in our hearts that his promise of change would bring us a better America. While I did not vote for him, I had those same hopes. The lady’s letter motivated me to look at Mr. Obama’s almost 5 years as our President. Here are some of my findings.

First, I was surprised to realize that he is not really living as a student of Martin Luther King. He is, instead, his Communist mother’s son. He is a living student of a former terrorist. His policies reflect the ideas of Bill ayers, the white terrorist who was a principal in the Weather Underground (Weathermen) organization. The objective of the Weather Underground undercover organization was to create a revolutionary party for the overthrow of the U.S. government. Mr. Obama’s actions are a clear reflection of the Weathermen objective. He, with impunity, ignores established law at will. He ignores the constitution and the rights of Americans spelled out in the Bill of Rights. He has become a de facto tyrannical dictator. He is giving aid and comfort to our sworn enemies (al Qaeda) in the Middle East.

I compared his actions to the beliefs of Martin Luther King. For Americans of all colors, Dr. King believed in equality. Mr. Obama is a racist who uses marginal incidents to inflame the passions of the black community. At the same time, he ignores and remains silent on far more serious and blatant black on white murders. He has done nothing to discourage the black on black violence which is far more extensive. He has done nothing to help the poor out of poverty. Obama believes that a large part of the black community should remain “victims” dependent on the federal government, suckling on the federal teat. He has made no significant effort to bring education to the black community. He apparently prefers to keep poor folks ignorant as well as dependent. Dr. King was a strong believer in work and the work ethic. In his “Street Sweeper” sermon , he told the congregation to “Be the best street sweeper you can be.” And when you succeed, reach out to others and help them. And then, reach for heaven.

Measured against Dr. King’s objectives for all of us, Mr. Obama scores a zero or less. He has actively taken our Christian faith out of public places; our American symbols and spirit out of those same places; our Judeo-Christian morals out of our schools and public places. With his financial support, he has embraced the stated objective of the founder of Planned Parenthood to eliminate blacks altogether. Genocide. He has betrayed us. Black and white and brown and all colors alike. He is a white communist revolutionary in a black skin disguise. He is a supporter of our enemies, those who would kill all who do not adopt their law.

Those are some of the facts about Mr. Obama. Each of us has to choose. Do we say, because his skin is black, all he has done and will do is good? Or do we see that what he has done and is doing is destructive to America?

Believe as you wish. My personal belief is that Mr. Obama is a destructive, disgusting human being; a black skinned white revolutionary; an Islamic Jihadist; a racist masquerading as a man of all the people. Make your own decision. If black skin is good enough for you, so be it. Not for me.

That’s the problem. As President, we have a black skinned, white revolutionists who is also an Islamic Jihadist and a racist of the worst kind.

It isn’t enough to recognize or admit the truth. He is a destructive threat to the continued existence of America as a constitutional republic. I believe we are running out of time. We have to solve the problem. Restore America. Declare our independence from the tyranny of Obama and his complicit congress. Some have suggested that states declare their sovereignty and refuse to enforce or comply with federal regulations and stop sending money. Individuals stop paying income taxes. I don’t have all the answers. But I am certain that we must begin to assert ourselves and our rights as citizens now. Any ideas?

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