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A History of Helping Our Enemies

Murray T. Bass · Sep. 17, 2013

How unaware can you be when you see and write about decisions and actions that support our enemies and fail to put them into context? Blind and stupid would be a better description than unaware. That describes me. I have been too preoccupied with politics to recognize treason when I see it. A Muslim blogger from Denver opened my eyes. We were exchanging words about Obama and his support of Al-Qaeda in Syria. He was promoting a blind acceptance of the actions of a black President because he is black. Or, more accurately, he accused me of attacking Obama because Obama is black.

None of that changes the facts. We are giving arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria. To oppose Assad.


Assad is not our enemy. A cruel dictator, yes. But not an enemy of America and our interests. He, like Egypt’s Mubarek, was providing a relatively safe haven for Christians. Al-Qaeda has attacked us many times in many locations. They are our enemy. So, why is it Obama’s policy and practice to support the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda? One word explains it: Jihad.

Without question we are supplying arms to Al Qaeda rebels in Syria. Newspaper and internet reports confirm the CIA is delivering small arms to them. Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution would define those actions as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. We are at war with Al-Qaeda.

Providing materials of war to our enemy must stop NOW. Congress must defund any such support or share responsibility for the treasonous acts.

Once our eyes are open, we can look at past actions and put them into the context of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Please join me as we look at just a few examples.

In Afghanistan, we are at war with the Taliban. I have remarked and written many times how President Obama has telegraphed (public statements) our military battlefield policies and intent well in advance so that the enemy would be prepared. Putting public timelines on actions so the Taliban could “wait us out.” And such stupid orders in wartime as “Go into villages but don’t fire your weapons because the enemy might be hiding behind civilians.” Telling the enemy in advance that will be our battlefield protocol. Providing arms and financial support to the rebels in Egypt and Libya. Going to war in Libya without our national interests being threatened to support Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda. And with what consequences? The slaughter and oppression of Christian populations. Under the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, Middle East Christians have no home. Now many have no lives. If you are a Christian, this cannot be acceptable to you.

Even such seemingly unrelated things as not enforcing immigration laws are suspect. Official estimates are that since Obama became President, at least 70,000 Muslims have crossed the border untouched. Maybe an unintended consequence of the open border. But, maybe not. The result is the same.

I never put those actions and decisions in the context of treasonous acts and decisions. The consequences were almost always to aid and comfort the enemy. Now I have. But it isn’t enough to know it. We have to make it stop.

Here’s what I am going to do. I hope you will join me.

Contact my Congressman and Senators. They happen to be very partisan Democrats. But, treason is not a partisan matter. I suggest you do the same. Tell them the treasonous acts must stop NOW. They have the power of the pursestrings.

Contact you pastor, priest or rabbi and convince them of the deadly consequences of this treason. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been murdered already.

Contact the leadership of national religious organizations. Remind them of the slaughter of Christians they will be supporting if they do nothing.

Contact every military and veteran’s organization and remind them of what is happening to the nation they so ably defended.

Contact State and National organizations that have influence over segments of public opinion.

Write opinion pieces and letters to the editor to inform the public of these odious acts of treason.

Contact political advisors and campaign managers of candidates and incumbents. Let them know that the public is aware of treasonous acts and expects their candidates to strongly oppose them.

Contact the local, state and national leadership of political parties and remind them that if you do not oppose treason you are in effect supporting it. There are consequences to supporting treasonous behavior.

Yes, these are the things I will do. Please join me and make it a tidal wave of public opinion. A single voice is nothing. A million voices are powerful and persuasive.

This old man has had some ideas and I have put them on paper. But, I know that I have barely scratched the surface of things which might be effective. Please use the opportunity to reply to this commentary to add your ideas and wisdom.

Treason is not politics. It has to stop.

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