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The Idea That Changed the World

Murray T. Bass · Dec. 13, 2013

Heritage Foundation’s Jim DeMint says the most powerful thing in the world is an idea. An idea can change the world. He is right. This commentary explores an idea which, if developed and carried out, WILL change the world.

We are losing the war for our country because we are fighting battles according to Obama’s rules. Create a crisis and lie about it until the next crisis then lie about that one while we put the last crisis on the back burner. In the meantime they are systematically attacking our constitution’s rule of law and the freedoms provided us by the Bill of Rights. We have become divided. We are made to fight a hundred battles while the relentless war goes on. It just isn’t working for America. For us. What to do? The answer is simple. Stop fighting according to his rules and fight according to ours.

The abuses are being created and supported by the leaders in Washington. The leadership should be the focus of our battle plan. Simple. Replace the leadership with Conservative Americans who will undo much of the damage that has been done. Replace the leadership in both parties since partisan establishment greed is a major supporter of abuses and contributes to our problems. Broad objectives are these. In the 2014 election win a strong majority in the Senate and improve our strength in the House. In the process, replace both Boehner and McConnell who have prostituted themselves to the Administration. That done, Immediately prepare articles of impeachment for Obama and Biden With the new majority, convict them in the Senate. Then, prepare the case for Treason against Obama.

The steps we need to take are these. First are two prerequisites. Solicit the support of God since he is always on the side of what is right and this is right. Next, we must unite. We must recruit all of those varied groups who are fighting for their beliefs and have them add replacing leadership to their agenda. We don’t want them to stop what they are doing, just refocus on a change in leadership which will solve their problem. I have to stop here and say there is something I really don’t know how to go about achieving. Celebrities, and conservatives at top levels find it difficult t o listen to what the Grassroots has to say. Our program will need to find several individuals or organizations t top levels who have the ears of conservative celebrities and the heads of conservative organizations. Look at our plan and ask them for their support. Recruit citizen servants as candidates for limited service terms. Actively recruit. Organize locally to support candidates and statewide and Nationally to coordinate efforts. Make maximum use of the free or almost free communications opportunities. Facebook. twitter, Linkedin , email and blogs. Plus make maximum use of internet radio and commuinty cable TV facilities. Rally with Tea Party and other activist groups. Develop an e-mail network and use all of these systematically. I’m sure there are more. Use them. We can be more effective with free media or low cost systems than with paid commercials. And shut out the liberal broadcast media at the same time This approach answers the question, “I’m just one person, what can I do”? There will be something for everyone to do Use your imagination. Organize neighborhood or interest groups. Use mail Facebook or other social media to create name recognition for candidates. Phone bank. Walk precincts anywhere you are needed. Hold rallies. Write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces. Analyze and publicize voting records. Help absentee voters and make sure they vote. Transport folks to the polls poll watch. Dig out the vote and tell about saving America when you do. Yes, something for everyone to do. This is only a partial list, but you can see what I mean.

What should the time line be. There is no rigid sequence. Things will be done simultaneously. But here is what I see to be key event dates.

Beginning right now, ask for Gods support and begin the unification process. Both can start with our religious organizations and our personal relationship with God. We have huge resources of manpower and skills to apply. Continue these processes all through the fight to win back America. By mid February we should have candidates in key elections selected and begin to promote them. I should say at this point the election will necessarily be negative because the negative records of the opposition will tend to offset relatively low levels of name recognition. Paint opposition as black as we honestly can. Plenty of material to paint with.

Begin using social media and all traditional methods to get candidates names in front of voters. Get voter volunteers which will strengthen the campaign. By mid August (or earlier in two election cycles), be ready to make a “peak” effort to insure that absentee voters vote and vote with understanding. We have to remember that the majority of all votes cast are absentee and that typically the results of an election are determined when the absentee ballots are counted.

Even though only 13 % of Americans are black, we have to insure that those 13% don’t get 124% turnout as they have in some elections. We do this with aggressive poll watching. And careful examination of the lists of eligible voters. Challenge the dead voters.

Can it be done? Absolutely!!

Will it get done? That’s up to you and me.

Please join me and be a part of the united fight to change the world. Add the special things you know and can do, even if it is just raising your voice for America. Our mission is to restore our nation to the freedoms and opportunities which were the vision of our Founding Fathers. Our objective is to remove the leadership who are destroying our country and to install new leadership of citizen servants who love America and will restore Her.

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