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Where There Is Action, There Is Hope

Murray T. Bass · Dec. 20, 2013

Last evening I attended a local Tea Party meeting. I came away smiling.

The evening’s speaker was a candidate for Congress. He is opposing a RINO, no values incumbent. As you might expect, the candidate spoke about limited government, less spending and free markets. In looking at his background, it was apparent that he was the genuine article. Someone who had really lived those principles. Plus, he was down to earth, friendly and well prepared. All in all, a candidate I can and will support. A winner, I think.

But the real boost for the fvening came from grassroots leadership from the audience. Here’s what happened.

Someone stood up and said, “I like this guy. We can get him elected. Let’s not wait until some campaign manager tells us what to do. Let’s do what we can do now.” Here are the things he asked people to do.

1.) Tell all of the people in your address book about the candidate.

2.) And on Facebook and Twitter and in person.

3.) Remind folks once a week that he is a great candidate.

The candidate helped by offering to provide a 3 or 4 minute YouTube talk to help folks get acquainted with him.

4.) Someone then said that if we can get the people who sat out the last couple of elections to vote, we can win in a landslide.

The Tea Party president jumped in and said that it would take some research and planning. That idea would be a prime topic in the Party’s planning meeting the first week in January.

About noon today, I got an email from the grass roots guy (I was one of about a hundred) telling of all the positive things about the candidate. And inviting all of us to join in the campaign, NOW.

My feeling is that if the action continues, the candidate will become a household name. Better known and liked than the RINO incumbent. Without spending a dollar for newspaper, radio or TV ads.

So it wasn’t all just talk. There was quick action and follow through.

I have been thinking about the events of last evening and today. I am so encouraged by the possibilities that I just have to share my optimism with you.

What if this same scenario was repeated in every House race in the country? I think we could win going away. And with the same strategy and the same feet on the ground, we could do wonders in the Senate as well. What a prospect!

The idea that we can get people involved in every district in every state NOW is probably too optimistic. Conservatives would rather talk than win for some reason. But the thought of winning turns me on and will keep me in action. In addition to telling the world about our candidate, I’m going to talk to the Registrar and see what information I can get about people who get absentee ballots. I think that is one place where we can make great gains. Some friends have told me I’m in fantasy land – that I can never make it happen. I’m going to try. One thing for sure: If I don’t try, it will never happen. I hope there are other folks out there who feel the same as I do. I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to stay busy. Where there is action, there is hope.

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