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The Gospel of Man Versus the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Murray T. Bass · Jan. 14, 2014

We are being made the victims of our own decency and humanity. The victims of Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is the principal tool used by “Progressives”( Commu-facists) to create feelings of guilt to shame us into accepting that which is untrue as truth. And accept moral values that are unacceptable to our faith. It is the enemy of of Christianity because it shames us into denying t he tenets of our faith.

Christ in His parable of salt and light was very clear about the importance of our faith – yours and mine. He told us we should not be ashamed of our faith. We are the light of the world. Let our faith shine as if it were a shining city upon an hill that everyone can see. Political Correctness forces us to hide our faith. Are you ashamed to tell the world you have accepted Christ and His teachings?

In responses to a column I wrote for a local newspaper, I was rewarded with a number of “positive” responses . The title and topic of the article was, “It’s time to step up and take action.” Stand up and take action against certain “Evils” that social and government Political Correctness have forced upon us.

What are those evils? Here is a very short list: The elimination of faith and patriotism from our schools and services; the compromise of our faith with the acceptance of behaviors condemned by Christian doctrine;promiscuity and sexual deviance; turning our back on God; substituting a faith of non belief for belief in the creator; and killing babies in the name of choice.

Why have we not heard outcries of opposition to the watering down and destruction of our faith from the mainstream churches?

That is the subject of this commentary.

Where, indeed, are the angry cries of opposition from the pastors of our churches? In the mainstream denominations there is either silence or passive acceptance of the evils. Does your pastor hear your passionate objections?

One of the responses I had was an email from retired minister, Paul Dixon. Paul said we have indeed lost our way. He could not understand why. Christians were not defending their faith. In another telephone response Todd Holden said he had heard no cries of outrage from the churches in response to the imposition of unacceptable behavior on our families and culture. Todd said he felt that there was a demonic process in action and that God had abandoned us. We had rejected Him and had not earned His love and support. He believes it is too late to save our nation.

While I believe we are in deep trouble, I do not share the idea that it is too late to save America. I know many devout Christians who are dedicated to restoring the foundations of Christian faith in our country.

I have given it a lot of thought and have a few ideas and comments to share with you. Our National government has stripped our constitution of original intent with the idea that the constitution is a living document. Without legal authority from the people, they have made it a document that changes as judges views of society changes.

As a result, the “Rule of Law” has becomes the “Rule of Man,” the opposite of the intent of the constitution. A house built on a shifting foundation soon collapses.

That is where we are in America today.

In Christian Religion in America, it appears that we have adopted the Gospel of Man to replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In my searches of literature and current comments of religious officials, there seems to be a practice of “Cherry Picking ” the scriptures to justify almost any kind of behavior.

Sometimes the meaning of gospels is revised to reflect current popular thinking.

The Scriptures speak of a time like this. They say that many will deny the Truth that they might have favor among men. They teach us that we are to stand firm in our faith, “put on the whole armor of God” and take up our sword and fight the evil.

Look at your church. Is it going along to get along to save its tax exempt status? Is that what you want it to do? Perhaps you do not want to rock the boat. Are you satisfied with a Sunday feel good experience? No Hellfire and Brimstone for you? If so, then you have helped to create a church that is less than a Christian place to worship. Is this what you really want?

If you are not happy with it, tell your pastor. If he or she still wants to preach the Gospel of Man rather than the Gospel of Christ, find a new church or form one beginning with yourself. If you believe something, stand up and speak for it.

If you do that, you will be helping to restore the essential values that were a part of America when it was created. A new Son or Daughter of Liberty.

What will the consequences be when Christians choose to defend their faith?

For one thing, we would know we had earned God’s support in what we do.

Historically, God’s support has brought with it prosperity and inner peace. We would have a moral society with moral strength.

Family would again be the cornerstone of our society.

We would have an America we could love and respect once more.

The benefits would be almost countless.

Well, my friend, it is our choice.

How say you?

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