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Restoring America One Patriot at a Time

Murray T. Bass · Jan. 22, 2014

I’m harping on doing what we have to do to change national leadership as the solution to many of America’s problems. I promised to be more specific about what you and I can do to make it happen. I figured the best way to give folks something specific was to do it myself first. So I did. I started out by recognizing that I am not limited to one of 435 congressional districts or to my state.

I have contacted three conservative candidates, two House and one Senate I asked how I could help. They welcomed me with open arms . Then they sent me the contacts for letters to the editor in their districts and sent materials I can pass on via Facebook. They are going to give me weekly (or so) updates I can send out. When it comes time to phone bank, I will be one of the callers. I am asking friends to join me.

Two of the candidates are conservative replacements for RINO prostitutes John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. If we can pull those off, I will know in my heart of hearts that I had a part in restoring America.

Right now I am assembling a list of conservative candidates for your use and the use of Tea Party type conservatives everywhere. But you don’t have to know all the names to get started. You can find the names and contact information of many by searching the web. I’m doing it. I feel good. So can you. So pick your candidate(s) and restore America.

Here’s some information about one more nail in the coffin of freedom and free speech here in America. One more reminder of why we need to change leadership NOW.

Remember when the IRS said they were going to “rebuild the trust” of America after their attacks on the tax exempt status of conservative organizations? Their prime targets were grassroots Tea Party whose objectives are to promote constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and to support free markets. Things feared by big government.

Well, it appears that their idea of “rebuilding trust” is to suffocate all organized political dissent.

The IRS has proposed to treat as political almost any activity that has anything to do with informing the public about government. The IRS has issued proposed rules that would treat all of the following activities by 501c4 organizations as candidate-related political activities:

• Voter Registration.

• Candidate Forums and DebateVoter guides.

• Voting Records of Incumbents.

• Public Statements by officers and leaders of c4s that reference incumbents and or candidates. Communications include radio, TV, written,, newspaper, internet, phones and oral if it can reach more than 500 people.

• If voting records or other statements are posted on a website and remain on the website within the “blackout” period of 60 days prior to general election or 30 days prior to a primary election.

• Applies to volunteer activities sponsored by the organization.

• “Candidates” include all public offices, executive, legislative and judicial, partisan and non partisan, and officers in a “political organization.”

Engaging in any of these activities would result in the denial the tax exempt status of an organization.



Public comment on these proposed regulations is open until February 27, 2014. You can email your comments via the Federal eRulemaking portal at Include this citation: IRS REG-1134417-13.

The IRS and The Obama Administration will try to downplay the effect of these new rules. Probably talk about leveling the playing fields. But the real result of the rules is to suffocate all organized dissent and to make it extremely difficult to oppose the current government is any effective way. You and I are being muzzled and politically suffocated. If we allow this to happen, we are likely to be politically dead. Politically dead who have lost our freedoms. At this point, I don’t know if it is possible to prevent it from happening.

So what does this mean in addition to cutting the throat of organized opposition?

It is the tyranny of absolute power. The IRS was never intended to be the political strong arm of a political party or administration. But that is what it has become. The scary thing is that it may be only the beginning. The IRS can create regulations that affect every single person in the United States. They are the designated “enforcers” of the Obamacare program. No one is safe from their reach.

And it isn’t just the IRS. Homeland Security arbitrarily classifies people as terrorists and denies them every freedom and legal protection under the constitution and Bill of Rights. Our Constitution has been suspended by fiat and by executive orders and executive branch regulations while congress funds the systematic destruction of our republic.

Congress has become so entrenched and partisan that they have become complicit in the destruction of our constitutional rule of law.

So what can we do? I’ll repeat myself. Change national leadership!

If we can elect a constitution based majority in the Senate and get rid of Republican prostitute leaders like Boehner and McConnell, we can neutralize the executive branch and undo some of the abuses that have taken place. Impeach. It can’t be done by just watching and complaining. We don’t have time to put it off. It will take strong support from concerned Americans. You and me. Are you willing? If a blind old guy like me can help, it ought to be easy for you.

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