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We Know What We Want; It's Time to Go Get It

Murray T. Bass · Feb. 10, 2014

Recent commentaries have recognized that we must change. Change our perspective and change our leadership. The emphasis has been on what we want to change to as a prerequisite for changing.

I submit that what we want to be has been examined over and over again. It is not the end point that is in question. It is how we get from here to there. The Patriot Post exists to promote the preservation of our “Essential Liberties.” These are the liberties defined in our Declaration of Independence and constitution including the Bill of Rights. The whole conservative movement is based on restoring those freedoms and limitations on government. The Tea Party wants Constitutional Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and free markets. Yes, we know what we want; we just aren’t sure how to get there.

The change of leadership idea is a good starting point. As I have written many times the place to start changing is the leadership of our legislative bodies. Both of them. And both parties, Republican and Democrat. Then we can eliminate the bad Executive leadership by trials for treason and impeachment. If we do that and have leadership that embraces the idea of restoring our essential Liberties and returning to the rule of Law – constitution – as it was envisioned by the Founders, we can undo most of the damage done in the last 100 years by progressives.

For a long time. I have been one of those people who has talked about our problems and said , “Somebody has to do something about it.” I finally realized that that somebody had to start with me. George Rogers Clark and I developed the plan to change leadership and restore our republic. And we are implementing the plan. We are inviting the conservative world to join us. Besides writing nagging commentaries, here is what I have been doing. I am involved with tea parties trying to get local conservatives elected. I am writing letters to the editor for papers 2000 miles away from my home to get J.D. Winteregg as the Republican candidate in Ohio’s 8th Congressional district to replace John Boehner. I believe it is the most important race in 2014. I have contacted almost every Tea Party group in Ohio to encourage them to support J.D. Winteregg who is a good man but a political novice without much money. Active manpower can do it. Volunteer phone banking, precinct walks, Facebook postings and emails, forwarding messages from J.D. – none of this costs money. It’s stuff every one can do from home (except the walks) – all of it to save our nation. Boehner says that the Tea Party has lost all of its credibility and is dead. I want to get the Tea Party groups to show Boehner just how dead they are not. I’m not dead. Are you? My daily calendar says, “What I will do today.” Yours?

My point here is to emphasize that we already know what we want. And common sense tells us what we must do to get it. The only thing left is to stop talking about it, get up off our backsides and go to work for the things we believe in.

I want to remind you that we are not locked into one of 435 boxes. We are Americans and can support or oppose anyone anywhere in the country. I’m taking the message across the country. So can you. Think American. Work to get the RINOs and progressives out. Elect strong conservative majorities in the House and Senate. Impeach or try Obama and Biden. Build a plan and timetable to return to constitutional limits. Get out of the UN and stop funding our enemies. Enforce decisions by refusing to fund things that are not constitutional or we can’t afford. With the right leadership those things can happen and the consequence will be a return to prosperity, which is all stuff we have been talking and writing about for years. Let’s just get it done!

What have you done to restore our republic?

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