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Murray T. Bass · Mar. 3, 2014

I’m sure that folks get tired of my talking about the grassroots taking charge of the upcoming elections and changing the nation’s leadership. It is possible, you know. All the tools are available to us. The wonders of the electronic communications age.

Let’s take a look at the likely consequences of elections controlled by grass roots – the people, instead of the money.

Politicians respond to lobbyists’ money and union money because it helps them win and remain in office. Or win a seat in the political office. That has been true in the past because money was the only thing that would buy visibility and communications with the voters. A political consultant friend of mine told me that was absolutely true ten years ago. But not necessarily true today. Candidates can achieve visibility and communicate with the voter almost without money using the internet and social media, letters to the editor and e-mail links. Uploading phone made videos to youtube is so easy even an old blind guy like me can do it. Yes, it can be done. The people have the tools to win.

So what are the consequences of a grass roots-peoples election win.

The ground rules for winning will have changed. Instead of money, the politicians must appeal to the people for their support. Just as they respond to the “needs” of the lobbyist, they must now respond to the perceived needs of the people.

The changes that take place aren’t going to be total. But they can be big enough to shift the balance of power from the lobbyists’ groups of special interests to the peoples’ special interest. And to a restoration of the fundamental values that made America great which will create a new “establishment”. One that depends on the people for its survival. One that can no longer satisfy its self interest without considering the wishes of the public.

Not possible say you. Well, you are wrong. We almost had it in 2010. then we got lazy and didn’t press on to complete the job. We have that opportunity now.

If we persist, we can change the structure of the bureaucracy so that it no longer has as much influence as it now does. We can undo many of the “laws by regulation” that have been created over time. And dispose of the bureaucracies that accompany them. The positive consequences of a people’s victory are so great that I am afraid to explore them here. You can do it. Just think about all of those things that you believe are wrong and imagine that we can now make them right.

Yes we can make a positive difference this year!

That happens to be the title of a form created by the VacaValley Tea Party for its members. It is designed to encourage members to commit to a volunteer role and define what they are good at doing and what they would like to do. Here are some of the categories:

I have computer skills and would be happy to help

I can help make phone calls

I can write letters and more

I can educate myself and friends on important issues

I can become more of a participant in the democratic process locally

J can speak up and let my voice be heard

I can walk neighborhoods and precincts for issues and candidates

I can talk with friends and neighbors

I can become actively involved in the election process

I can stand (and hold a sign)

I can sit at an information table

I can help distribute cards and flyers

I can volunteer to serve on a committee and be more active

I can donate generously to organizations that promote American principles

I can pray for our country, leaders and citizens


Each one of these “I Cans” has several specific actions listed under it. If you are interested in getting a copy of the complete form, e-mail your request to [email protected]

I have distributed the form to the Tea Parties in Texas and California. You may want to distribute it to the Tea Parties and other conservative groups in your area. When it gets right down to it, the form is more of a personal action list than anything else. It tells each of us what we can do and what we might like to do. It can help us get past the “I am only one person; what can I do”? barrier.

Well my friend, here’s what you can do.

John Boehner said that the Tea Party movement only has 350,000 members. They are no longer credible. They are dead.

Gee, I don’t feel dead. do you? I can do most of the “I cans” on the list and so can you. No, not dead.

You have the ball. Decide what you can do. Identify the candidates and issues you can support. Then volunteer and do what you can. It’s really pretty simple. You will be changing how the political game is played.

And it can be anywhere in the country. Sitting at my desk in Northern California, I an using my telephone and computer to help John Boehner’s Ohio 8th Congressional district primary opponent, J.D. Winteregg get elected. J.D. doesn’t have much money so we’re going to get him elected with people power. Think you can’t help? I talked with J.D. today and he told me he has been taking all sorts of calls from people I have talked to. I am working on getting him endorsements from credible national conservative groups. It may take 5 or 6 calls to each, but will get some of them on board. We have nothing to lose, the worst thing that can happen is they will say no. We don’t need everyone. Just a few good ones will attract support.

If you have a good cause or a good candidate, It’s easy to do.

Yes you can.

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