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For or Against? A Fool's Question

Murray T. Bass · Mar. 19, 2014

There has been a great deal of discussion about whether Conservatives and Tea Party folks are just opposing RINO establishment Republicans up for re-election.

That’s a fool’s debate designed to take the steam out of conservative efforts to restore the constitution and its guarantee of our Essential Liberties.

To put it in more simple and understandable terms, we should ask ourselves, “What would Clarence Thomas’ grandfather have said”?

Thomas’ grandfather said that in every situation there is a right and a wrong. We must always choose what is right. How does that apply here?

We have elected officials who have abandoned traditional Republican and American values for their own benefit. As Republicans and as Americans they are wrong.

Isn’t it appropriate for us to correct those wrongs? To seek out and support those candidates who are “right”? Candidates who will support our constitution’s original intent of limited government, fiscal responsibility and markets without excessive regulation?

The idea that conservatives are not supporting traitors to our Constitution and its intent is false. An outright lie. A lie designed to prevent us from voting for and doing what is right for our country.

So the next time someone accuses you of just being against someone or something, tell them what you are for. The people and ideas you support. Don’t let them get away with the lie. Even if it were true. there is nothing wrong with opposing tyranny, immorality and disloyalty. Because you are for freedom, morality and loyalty to America.

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