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Barack Obama and the Betrayal of Ukraine

Joan Fischer · Mar. 25, 2014

As of today, the Russian military force gathered at the Ukrainian border is sizeable, very ready to move across that border, and is of sufficient size to even pose a serious threat to Moldova, on the other side of the country.

As a U.S. senator, Barack Obama, touting a Cooperative Threat Reduction program, was very influential in pressuring the Ukrainian people to destroy thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition, including artillery, small arms, anti-aircraft missiles, and conventional ammunition all of kinds, which are now unavailable to the Ukrainian people in their own defense when Vladimir Putin gives the Russian army the order to cross their border.

As recently as 2009, Barack Obama continued to provide passionate diplomatic assurances to Ukraine that, now that they have gutted their army, sold much of their weaponry, and relinquished their nuclear deterrent, the West would see to it that Ukraine’s borders would remain intact, their sovereignty would not be threatened, and they would have an easier time gaining acceptance into the European Union.

Now let’s backtrack a little and consider Ukraine’s recent history. Maybe the West would be a little more sensitive to allowing Ukraine the means to defend itself if the West’s educational systems had done a better job of teaching their youth, over the past few generations, the truth about what happened in Ukraine eighty years ago.

I remember, in high school, seeing a film depicting, in both words and pictures, what Stalin did to Ukraine during the winter of ‘32-'33. I remember spending weeks afterwards thinking about the horror: the fact that all food was systematically taken from Ukraine and the entire area was cordoned off from the outside world. Ukrainians flocked to the rail stations in an effort to flee, and then were shot attempting to board the trains. Guards went from house to house collecting the bodies of those who had succumbed to starvation, and they often included the bodies of those who were near death, throwing them, also, into the mass graves, because they didn’t want to be bothered returning to the neighborhood too soon for another body collection.

All the while, the Soviet government was setting records in exporting Ukrainian grain to the West, while simultaneously starving to death seven million people in the span on one year’s time. The Soviet-created 'Ukrainian famine’ proved to be the most efficient extermination program ever devised by the mind of man. Even the Holocaust is dwarfed by the body count of Stalin’s victims.

Now that Vladimir Putin appears poised to march into Ukraine and once again demand the ‘obedience’ of the Ukrainian people, one would hope that the Western world would vow to never again turn a blind eye to the plight of Ukraine. One would hope that the memory of what was allowed to happen to the Ukrainian people during the winter of ‘32-'33 would make defenders of freedom determined to stand up for Ukraine this time 'round. Trouble is, the American president is not a defender of freedom. He is, instead, an enabler of tyranny.

Only five years after his last assurances to the Ukrainian people that the West would have their backs, Barack Obama has adopted a Neville Chamberlain attitude of appeasement, and the people to whom he delivered that assurance find no one covering their backs, as the Russian army prepares to obliterate their borders and once again subjugate their people.

No matter the media cover-ups, or the news black-outs of relevant historical stories screaming to be heard again, evil is still evil … whether it be manifested in a Russian tyrant hungry for more land and power, or an American tyrant making countless empty, long-reaching promises he has no intention of keeping.

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