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Obama vs. Putin

L.E. Brown · Apr. 1, 2014

Barack Obama likes to pretend he is either Abraham Lincoln or John Kennedy, especially Kennedy, since Obama thinks of himself as dashing and strikingly handsome.

Brokering a deal with Russia, Obama declared himself victorious when he allowed Russia to dictate a deal in Syria.

It reality it was a defeat labeled a victory by Obama and those in the mainstream media who pledged loyalty and fidelity to him even before he was elected.

Turning a defeat into a victory was, with the mainstream media’s assistance, what Kennedy was practicing with the Bay of Pigs affair in 1961.

Even more significant was the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis in the fall of 1962, in time for the mid-term elections.

It took almost half a century for the details of Kennedy’s “victory” to emanate from the bowels of the elite national media. Even today most of the elite intellectual community refuses to face the fact that their hero was bested by Nikita Khrushchev.

After Kennedy and his whiz kids “faced the Soviet Union down”, causing Khrushchev to “blink” and turn his ships around, there was no real investigation to ensure that the missiles in Cuba were really gone.

More importantly, as we now know, Kennedy promised the Communists that he would not permit another invasion of Cuba, ever. As much as he could, he passed that promise onto his successors.

To put sugar on the deal, Kennedy removed U.S. missiles stationed in Turkey.

It still may be too late, but the one bright spot with regard to Obama and Russia is that his “victories” with regard to Iran and Syria, and now Russia, may be revealed as shams even before he leaves office.

Liberal commentators are working overtime to forestall the emergence of the secret promises, or to at least mitigate their impact should the details of the deals unravel.

Liberals’ staunchest ally, pseudo conservative columnist and television personality George Will, is reduced to comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler and attacking what he called the Obama administration’s “seven-month assault on Moammar Gaddafi, who posed no threat to us but supposedly did to Libyans.”

But to be kind to Georgie Pooh, he has to write such drivel else he’ll be dropped from the Washington Post; and, worse, he won’t be allowed to be on TV on Sunday mornings.

Meanwhile, all the U.S. Taxpayers’ money shipped to Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union has been paying off, perhaps to the extent that Russia can now take whatever country or province in Europe Putin wants, as he did Ukraine’s Crimea.

If Putin needed any more assurance of Obama’s help, it came when Obama canceled missile-defense agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic.

L.E. Brown, Jr., is an independent columnist writing from Magnolia, N.C. He may be contacted at [email protected]

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