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Edward J. Brown · Apr. 7, 2014

If the reader receives as many e mails as I do each day asking me to sign a petition that they will collect and forward to my Senators and Congressmen, I know you are sincere and concerned about the future of our country and the Constitution, but I regret to tell you that when they arrive in Washington D.C. they are promptly disposed of in the infamous File 13 without ever being read. Rumor has it that the petitions sent to Senator Harry Reid are placed in a pile which he uses to stand on in hopes of appearing taller and more powerful, and statesman-like.

The Obama Administration has an agenda to transform our Republic into a Fascist State and they do not want, nor will they consider the wishes of the American people including those of the opposition party. They see themselves as our “saviors” appointed to correct all the sins that have been perpetuated out of ignorance over the past two centuries. When the people raise their voices against them and flood their desks with petitions, they are dismissed as the poor innocent “Boobs” who lack the intelligence to know what is best for them. Fortunately we have our elected officials to lead us to the Promised land. If anything, the people should applaud them and thank them, not criticize them. In ten or more years you will see they were right.

It reminds me of the Boy Scout who helped an old lady cross the street. When they got to the other side, the lady was angry and told him, “I didn’t want to cross the street! I was waiting for my bus!” The American people are waiting for their bus, but the government is dragging us where we don’t want to go! Hopefully a new bus with a new driver will arrive in 2016.

If this depresses you and makes you feel powerless, you need to realize that is exactly how they want you to feel. You may be asking yourselves if petitions carry no weight with our so called leaders, what will? The answer is we can take our voting privilege very seriously. Those presently serving who turn a deaf ear to our concerns can be voted out. We can make the time to study the candidates running for office to determine if they truly believe what they are proposing in their many campaign speeches. We can volunteer to work for the candidate who truly represents our concerns. If we continue to vote “D” or “R” and even worse reelect those who have failed us, then Pogo was right. “We have met the enemy and they are us.

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