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The National Security Council

Fred Fox · Jun. 16, 2014

The National Security Council is an administrative entity with duties to advise the President on matters of national security and foreign policy. Traditionally the NSC has “been by procedure and…tradition a rare apolitical forum, a place for the President to hear hard reality” consisting of “foreign policy grownups.” Meetings were heretofore barred to political henchmen.

Bob Gates’ (a former member) memoir and an enlightening article by Kimberly A. Strassel in the 6/6/14 Wall Street Journal tell a different story.

The National Security Advisor is now Susan Rice, a political apologist and confirmed liar, who replaced Tom Donilon, an unqualified political hack and lobbyist, who had replaced the supremely qualified Marine General Jim Jones (General Jones resigned following clashes with Mr. Obama’s personal [unqualified] appointees). Also gone are experienced members Leon Panetta and Gates. Who’s left?

Noteworthy toadies who have come and gone since General Jones include Tommy Vietor, Obama spinmeister and campaign flack famous for his convenient memory failure when questioned on the Benghazi disaster (“Dude, that was like two years ago!”), Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, former press secretary David Gibbs, and Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau. These supremely unqualified political sycophants, who formerly would have been (wisely) barred from NSC meetings, now run those meetings with zero knowledge of foreign policy (confirmed*). Foreign policy grownups? You decide…

Then there’s Ben Rhodes, Deputy NSAdvisor for strategic communications(!) and former Obama speechwriter (he’s the one who advised his colleagues to spin the Benghazi story and blame it all on a YouTube video, which Ms Rice dutifully did. On national TV. Several times). Unbelievable? Perhaps, but confirmed true by a national audience. A strategic communication indeed – a lie designed and timed to ensure Obama’s successful re-election. Foreign policy grownup? Hardly. Political hack and liar.

These fawning minions were “architects of the…decision to drop his ‘red line’ warning to Syria…on Congress, and then blame Congress for (failing to act.) They gave us the (brilliant concepts of) ‘resets,’ ‘pivots’ and ‘leading from behind,’ and (recently) explained that Mr. Obama’s foreign policy is best described as ‘Don’t do stupid s—.’” Really. Grownups?

Currently America’s clueless national security minions are advising the President on alternatives for military action in Iraq, assuring us (as Iraq evaporates) that Baghdad will not fall because of the high concentration of military forces there. Have they not heard that their boss decreased the substantial American force planned to have been left behind after the war to a trifle? And has since removed them altogether? U.S. embassy officials are laying out contingency plans for evacuation. My bets are on them. It could save their lives, unlike the Benghazi four who lost theirs courtesy of our brilliant foreign policy advisors…

This is your National Security Council, America – stupid indeed. We’ve come a long way (down) since responsible government.

One question: How long will we tolerate a political foreign policy?

Your answers would be appreciated…

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