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Iraq Redux

Fred Fox · Jun. 18, 2014

The left (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.) has been going out of its way ‘blaming Maliki’ for the debacle in Iraq. They’ve even tried re-blaming Bush for going there in the first place. Nice try, kids, but it won’t wash.

The truth is that Bush’s “dumb war” (an Obama quote) was not a dumb war after all. It’s easy with 20/20 hindsight to say we never should have done it, but check history and find the facts to be that Saddam had to be deposed, and we had to do it because no one else would. He was destroying Iraq and the Mideast in the bargain. The Iraq war, as unpopular as it was, was the thing to do at the time, and yes, Bush did it.

Obama made the most of public sentiment at the time (2008) to bash Bush in order to get elected (he had no other qualifications), aided in his effort by Harry Reid who claimed the war to be lost. Obama won by bashing Bush (only to be proven wrong as the Mideast situation unfolded).

The President addressed the latest West Point graduating class with the comment: “This is how wars are won in the 21st Century,” pointing to the situation in Afghanistan. The ignorance of our Commander-in-Chief is appalling. The Iraq mistake would now be repeated in Afghanistan.

This is how wars are lost! A perfect example? Our subject – IRAQ. We in fact won the Iraq war, and if plans to keep an American force there were indeed followed, Iraq would today be considerably more stable than it is.

But no, our personnel were withdrawn completely by our current Commander-in-Chief to underline his claim that it was a “dumb war.” The result?

One look at the recent photos showing Sunni terrorists shooting bound Iraqi forces en masse should be a lesson to us. Their blood is on our hands. Had we maintained a visible presence in the country, this would not have happened.  The fault lies squarely with Obama’s insistence on showing up George Bush for the dumb guy he is (NOT).

This personal imprudence is rampant in Obama’s whole presidency. This irresponsible ‘leader (from behind)’ has decimated our world presence to the point where no nation fears us and feels free to do whatever they wish, and eroded our domestic strength to the point where we are polarized to the point of inability to act.

And now we’re at the cusp of another presidency based on political correctness. A woman with no qualifications beyond her name and sex threatens to rule our country by personal whim.

It’s time to think rationally. It’s time to recover our republic while we still can. Another debacle like the one we’ve got is all we need to sink into second- or even third-world status. Don’t laugh, because it’s not funny, and the sooner we realize it the better off we’ll be.

What do we need to wake us up? Shall we try honesty for a change?

I’m not resting my case…

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