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The Political Manipulation of Black Americans by the Black Racist Klan

Murray T. Bass · Aug. 25, 2014

The Black Racist Klan has arrived in Ferguson to remind the black Obama lambs they are still victims.

I have been an interested observer of the events in Ferguson, MO. Here are a few of the things I have seen.

Shirtless young black men wearing bandanas constantly moving among protesters trying to incite violence. Not from Ferguson. The head of the New Black Panthers arrives and immediately prods people into violence. Not from Ferguson.

A video of a young Ferguson man warning the rest of America that what the strangers are doing in Ferguson will soon be happening where we live. Outsiders coming in to encourage folks to violence. Video suppressed.

MSM telling the false story that Brown was an innocent student. Brown was captured on camera in a strong arm robbery of a convenience store. Innocent young men aren’t strong arm robbers as Brown appeared to be on video.

Eric Holder has suppressed the video because it might influence the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury cannot be allowed to see and hear the truth.

The Governor of Missouri demanded prosecution of Officer Wilson with no clue as to the facts of the situation.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding Justice for Michael Brown.

Jackson and Sharpton are masters at creating feelings of guilt in white folks and feelings of being victimized in blacks. No different here.

The fists of a 290 pound young man can be deadly weapons as Brown demonstrated.

The Governor’s demand that police officer Wilson be prosecuted before any real facts were known.

The MSM continually talking about a white police officer shooting to death an innocent young unarmed black youth.

Officer Wilson said Brown acted as if he were “on something” when he began charging him. As a matter of fact, Brown was on something. Dr. Baden’s autopsy revealed that Brown we under the influence of marijuana. Did you see anything about that mentioned on TV or in the press? I didn’t.

As I see it, the way this whole situation goes down is this. Allow any information or conjecture that implies guilt of Officer Wilson to be repeated over and over again. Suppress anything that would tend to show that officer Wilson killed Brown in self defense.

So pervasive that it simply can’t be coincidental.

I will have to be honest and say that I don’t have all the facts in this case either. I’m withholding any judgment. Not my job anyway. But, I have reached the conclusion that Justice is not an objective here.

In America, everyone is entitled to due process. Innocent until proven guilty. Each of us is entitled to do whatever is necessary to protect our person and our property. That is true for Michael Brown and true for Officer Wilson.

In effect, there appears to be a coordinated effort underway to “Lynch” officer Wilson. It doesn’t matter what the facts of the situation are. He is the sacrificial “Goat” to create the image of an out of control white policeman killing an innocent unarmed youth. This fiction has for some a value all of its own.

This is a coordinated effort by the Black Racist Klan.

Well known BRK representatives here are: Eric Holder and by necessity his boss Barack Obama; the mainstream media, most of whom have marriage ties to the Obama administration; victim masters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; Governor Jay Nixon; bare chested young black men from out of town (sponsors unknown); and the New Black Panther Party leader.

NBPPP is reportedly an Islamic Hate Group according to Wikipedia.

The reports that the Communist Party is agitating in Ferguson may be true, but I was unable to confirm it.

What is it really all about?

Here is my opinion which I believe is supported by many facts.

Over time, two major strategies have been used by Black Racist Klan liberals and progressives to win the “Black vote.”

First, creating economic dependency among a great many of the less well educated and consequently less financially successful black citizens. It has reached a point today that even those who might like to work and become independent can’t afford to. The value of lost benefits would exceed the income from work. The slavery of dependency.

The second factor is the illusion of being victimized by white people. Hangover from the Civil War and before. The idea that somehow they are still slaves to the white folks. (They are really slaves to the Black Racist Klan.) This a constant theme of Sharpton and Jackson. It is also the basis for many government programs to equalize wealth. People don’t have to earn anything. They are “entitled ” to it because of the past sins of now dead white people. The cost of this victim illusion and economic dependency is huge for the black community. If one does not seek to achieve and earn the rewards that go with it, you will forever be the slave of religions or politicians.

That’s what is going on in Ferguson.

The prizes? For the new Black Panthers, it is power.

For people like Sharpton and Jackson, it is the opportunity to continue to “milk” the system for offenses, real or fabricated.

For Holder and his boss Obama, the objective is the power of the black victim vote. The ultimate objective is the destruction of the American Republic.

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