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Barack Obama: A Portrait of Narcissism, Cowardice and Laziness

Joan Fischer · Aug. 25, 2014

The fact that the American president has stated, in rare moments of candor, that he despises America’s superpower status and intends to bring her into parity with the rest of the world is being realized on the world stage every day. His leftist friends, family and mentors throughout his life have left a lasting legacy. From his Black Liberation Theology pastor of twenty years who gleefully preached that God should damn America, to his trusted mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who served primarily as a Communist Party propagandist in both Chicago and Hawaii, and dozens of other left-leaning friends in between, Barack Obama has learned well. And what has happened, and is happening, in America in the five-plus years since he took office is stark enough evidence of the beginning successes of his desire to bring America to her knees.

But let’s set that all-important consideration aside for a moment. One would think that such a man would at least make attempts to appear to care about the welfare, safety and sovereignty of the nation he leads, so that the citizenry would continue to swallow his ruses. Yet despite the fact that Barack Obama made a few half-hearted attempts to feign concern about America/Americans’ welfare early on in his presidency, he appears too otherwise occupied to even do that anymore.

The reason? This man is not only a bone-deep narcissist. He is cowardly and lazy.

The president’s responses to dramatic events always consist of feigned outrage, followed by a half-hearted vow to see that justice is done, followed by absolutely nothing … unless, of course, there is a fundraiser to attend, or a round of golf to be enjoyed.

Witness his statement following the bloody massacre of four duty-bound Americans in Benghazi, Libya:

We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people … We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.

Yet there was no post-Benghazi “commitment” (other than the conveniently political to attempt cover up the fact that Al Qaeda was responsible for the murders), and there was no “justice” enjoyed. The president did nothing to see to it that the perpetrators were caught and punished. Nor did he do anything meaningful to diminish the strength of Al Qaeda. He simply proceeded with the usual oratorical pronouncements and politicking.

More recently, following the videotaped beheading by ISIS of American journalist, James Foley, the president dusted off his now stale post-Benghazi speech and told us:

The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans anywhere we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done …

Did he then sit down with his Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor, et al and discuss a strategy by which America can begin (belatedly) to dismantle and decimate the ISIS barbarians who were responsible for the torturous death of an American civilian, who are taking over major portions of Iraq with unfettered brutality, who are beheading children and burying people alive, who are now completely in charge of 80,000 barrels a day of formerly Iraqi oilfields and refineries (netting them $4 million a day in finances for their terrorist agenda), who are growing by leaps and bounds in adherents and finances with each passing day, and who have vowed to bring their bloody brand of savagery to America’s shores?

No. Immediately after assuring us, once again, that justice will be done, he returned to an afternoon of golfing on Martha’s Vineyard. After all, the president is on vacation (his seventeenth one in the last two and a half years).

Previous presidents made it a point to sit down with their cabinet officers and their national security personnel on a regular, if not daily, basis. This president cannot be bothered. It is reported that he may not meet with his cabinet officers for six months at a time, and meetings with his national security team are even more rare.

Much of the world is in turmoil. Barbarians are gaining the upper hand in the Middle East and northern Africa. Russia is seeking to reabsorb her satellites. Iran and North Korea move closer to nuclear capability/weapons delivery with each passing day. China is arrogantly challenging us on the sea and in the air. God only knows who is walking across America’s southern border, and America’s border states have been told to cease and desist from any attempts to seal their portion of the border. At the same time, the American president cannot be bothered to sit down with his cabinet, or discuss the effects of these threats to America’s national security.

In short, this president prefers not to lead. He prefers to pontificate, deliver campaign speeches, golf and vacation. He does not plan. He does not ask for input from experts. And any unsolicited input that he does receive, such as that of military experts of the highest echelon who strongly advised him to leave at least a contingent of American forces and advisors in Iraq so as to avoid the tragedy, and potential mass genocide, that is now occurring there, is righteously ignored.

This president chooses to simply philosophize and observe. He is a spectator president whose main goal is to punish America for her “crimes” of colonialism, greed and oppression of minorities. Any other issues that rear their heads are of no importance to him.

Even those goals that this president does hold dear, such as the nationalization of America’s healthcare (among many others), will not succeed, because he is simply too lazy and passive to expend the effort to see to it that the implementation of that goal is done well and efficiently. In this case, perhaps we should consider his laziness and apathy to be a blessing of sorts. Imagine how dangerous he would be if he possessed a work ethic and competence.

Barack Obama’s anti-American crusade may well succeed in spite of his laziness and apathy. He does, after all, have the likes of Valerie Jarrett and other determined leftist ideologues working efficiently behind the scenes. But you can be sure that he will take credit for any of their successes nonetheless, because, if there is anything that trumps his laziness, it is his egotism.

My favorite book by Stephen King is The Dead Zone. I read it probably thirty years ago, and its plot still haunts me. Very briefly … it concerns an evil man, Greg Stillson, whose crimes go unreported, and virtually unnoticed, all of his life and another man, Johnny Smith, who knows the truth about him. Stillson eventually becomes a politician with eyes on the White House.

In order to save America from being led by pure evil, Smith plots to assassinate Stillson. His attempt does not succeed, but Stillson’s path to the White House is derailed when, during the assassination attempt, he holds a young child in front of himself in order to save himself from the path of the bullet.

Over the past five-plus years, as our current president repeatedly places his own narcissistic needs, and his own destructive political agenda, above the welfare, safety and security of the rest of the country, I have come to the conclusion that, if he found himself in the same dire circumstance as Stillson did, he would instinctively do the same. I can’t envision him doing otherwise. Cowards know no other way.

The only difference between that potential scenario and the one described in The Dead Zone is that, after Barack Obama used the young child as a shield, the American mainstream media would find some way to explain and excuse his behavior, and forty percent of the citizenry would accept that explanation.

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