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Understanding Community Morality

Murray T. Bass · Oct. 7, 2014

The human animal is by nature self-serving and without morals. It is natural for humans to feed appetites.

Morality is a learned behavior.

Over the centuries, man has learned from bitter experience that peace and security of life and property must be protected and valued above appetites. The price is the giving up the freedom to satisfy desires at the expense of others. An added reward is being able to achieve more with others than could be achieved alone.

I will refer to this as Community Morality in this commentary.

Community Morality is a compact among individuals for the benefit of all. History is full of examples that when communities embrace morality they thrive. When they revert to their basic self-serving nature, they self-destruct. The wages of sin is death.

America is in the process of self-destructing.

Political Correctness is the blanket justification of immorality. It denies the truth of moral decay by promoting lies.

Here are some of the signs of that destruction. All are actions opposing Community Morality to satisfy desires at the expense of others.

Diversity. The division and breakdown of the community and its moral compact. Promotion of immorality by falsely identifying it as a “Culture.” Black and Hispanic street and gang activity is an example diverse pseudo-culture.

Groups that elevate preference for unnatural sex to the level of a culture. It is a behavior which is contrary to community morality and threatens traditional family relationships upon which much of Community Morality is built.

Those who promote the ego-based denial of faith. The Atheist and Agnostic are active warriors against Community Morality. They attempt to impose their opposition to community morality on society.

Religious groups which promote and care for the selfish desires of people.

The “You owe me religious organizations” which use division and blame to fatten their wallets.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” The mantra of “What’s in it for me ” mega churches. Self-serving cloaked in piety. All you have to do is ask and God will give it to you.

Groups which believe they have special rights that are superior to the rights of others, for example:

A woman’s right to choose to murder the unborn or newly born.

Racial insulation. Ethnic groups use this to avoid following reasonable rules designed for common protection. A barrier to Community Morality. Used by politicians to further political objectives.

Politicians and bureaucrats who cater to the self-serving special interest groups by creating laws and regulations making special interests “legal.” They do this to achieve their own self-serving objectives and those of the “party.” This is coupled with a refusal to enforce the laws and regulations which were designed to encourage and support community morality and protect the lives and property of citizens.

Politicians and bureaucrats create a low-information, low-morality dependent population on borrowed money to ensure remaining in power.

Tolerance of Islam, which is a cult with no Western community moral values. Its strength is based on the appeal to the male human animal’s self serving animal nature. Terrorism and murder are useful distractions. The present administration has been accused, with reason, of being jihadists. (Topic for another commentary.)

The final sign of America’s self destruction is the self-serving indifference of otherwise good people. Too busy. Give up and just “adapt.”

The enemy of the Moral Community is us.

We are seeing our own self-serving tendencies in others because we “understand”, down deep inside, the animal in us relates and sympathizes. It is the basis for the strength of Political Correctness.

What can we do to help rebuild a Moral Community?

If you agree with me about some or all of the problems listed, that’s a good place to start. Ask yourself, “What do we have the power to change”? If it starts with us, what can we do?

Seek and find truth.

I suggest we begin with the complete rejection of Political Correctness. PC is designed to shame us into accepting lies. There is no reason to be ashamed of the truth. It is totally within our power to accept truth and reject the shame and guilt that make us accept lies. The signal that your rejection of guilt is working will be the great feelings of anger at the lies being imposed on you. If you pledge to yourself to be truthful and accept truth rather than “Correct” lies, you will have come a long way toward Community Morality.

Let’s look at how truth impacts the foes of morality.

Diversity. People can be proud of their heritage and be just Americans. Zero in on the “melting pot” Think of the 56 million people who came to America through Ellis Island to be American and honored their oaths to America and the constitution’s rule of law. No hyphenated folks. Just American. Your ancestors and mine. Unity instead of “diversity.” Insist on unity.

The intent of law is to enforce Community Morality. If someone is here unlawfully/ immorally – send them home. Let them return only according to our moral code. The law.

Make no undeserved accommodations because of ethnicity. Or gender or sexual preference. Cancel any laws or regulations which would make special interest accommodations. Truth tells us they are undeserved and are contrary to a moral community.

Those things can be done because they are aligned with truth. Nobody is owed anything because of things that occurred a century and a half ago.

In a moral community, everyone has the same chance to achieve success or greatness.

“The truth shall set us free.” And our children. And all future generations.

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