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One Step Too Far: The Awakening of the American People

Murray T. Bass · Dec. 1, 2014

Have you noticed the similarity of the Obama administration to the tyrannical actions of King George prior to the American Revolution?

The actions and inactions of the House of Representatives and the Senate are remarkably similar to those of Parliament under King George.

President Obama is within a hair’s breadth of becoming a tyrannical ruler. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Obama’s step too far is his statement that he will ignore the Constitution and grant amnesty to millions. That act has awakened the American people. The last straw. The last step.

We are not helpless. We do not have to rely on the ballot box or Congress. We, you and I can restore the Constitutional Republic created by our Founders.


Here is a list of things we can do. Some are already being done.

Reduce or almost eliminate election fraud with an enhanced Election Integrity Program. Have every vote cast be legal and every legal vote cast be counted –once. Observation at polls and verifying signatures helps. Voter ID would also help. The Federal Government is prohibiting the removal from voter rolls of the dead and those who have moved.

Registrars can maintain two separate rolls: one with the dead and moved, and one active. It would provide an instant lead to possible fraudulent votes.

Fire registrars who have voter turnout of more than 100%.

Start recall initiatives for members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Almost all have violated their oaths of office. It is likely that most would not succeed on a timely basis, but getting the information about violations in front of the public would represent a real threat to the office holder for the next election. In all likelihood, it would drive some back to embracing their oaths to save their jobs. It would increase the possibility of a successful impeachment. It might be a great local Tea Party project.

Refuse to do business with organizations that employee illegal aliens. Expose private and government organizations that do. With fewer jobs, more illegals would go home as they did during other times of major influx in the “Wetback” program. It would make room for returning veterans and unemployed citizens of all colors.

Other actions being taken now that are possible for us to do.

The Texas State legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit the enforcement of any law or regulation, executive order or court order that would limit a citizen’s right to own and bear arms. Reverting to the original intent of the Constitution. The real significance of this is that if it can be done on the Second amendment, it can be done on anything that is not an enumerated power of the Federal Government, or power ceded to them by amendment.

A group of Houston ministers challenged a demand by the Mayor of Houston and Houston’s District Attorney to turn over information on sermons and other private data. The ministers cited their rights under the First Amendment. Good friend George Rogers Clark would call this the beginning of the “Revivalution.” The return of real Christianity to our churches. Defending the gospel against Government abuse. The demand began with offended lesbians.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association has refused to comply with illegal federal laws and regulations on the basis of their oath to protect and defend he constitution. Specifically, the powers reserved to states and the people. Original intent. Encourage the Sheriff in your county to become a member and honor his or her oath.

On December 10 of this year, Sheriff Jordan will take a group of Sheriffs to Washington, D.C. to confront the President concerning the murder of two of his deputies by illegal aliens. The killers were released by the Immigration service under the ground rule set up by the administration.

I don’t pretend that this list is anywhere near complete. But it is a list of things that you and I can do. If our friends see us doing them, I believe that we can resurrect some of the people who have given up. Say, “We can do this. Won’t you help me’?

If you can think of something else we can do, tell us.

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