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Benghazi Rose for President?

Murray T. Bass · Mar. 3, 2015

There is already a groundswell of big money pushing Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate for President in 2016. You know, first woman President. Being a woman appears to be the only thing she has going for her.

Some questions need answers before casting a vote in her direction.

First, does she put personal ambition ahead of truth? Easy answer. Yes. When the Benghazi compound was under attack, she knowingly lied about what was happening and why. The State Department had real-time photos from a drone shortly after the attack began. Judicial Watch has just confirmed with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act what we already knew: The State Department knew from the beginning that it was a terrorist attack.

Does Hillary put personal ambition ahead of the lives and property she was sworn to protect? Yes. The sequence of events at Benghazi demonstrates the willful disregard for the lives of our citizens in the compound. She refused to provide protection when it was requested on several occasions. Worse, she removed several layers of protection. She refused to defend the compound. She let the Ambassador die. And then remarked, “What difference does it make”? It makes a difference Hillary. It matters.

Have the consequences of Mrs. Clinton’s failure to act resulted in strengthening and emboldening our enemies? The answer has to be yes.

The result was the creation of a motivated terrorist group that ignores our token responses. That group now represents a genuine threat to America’s interests in the world. They promise to bring their barbarism to America.

Yes, the plan to arm and train Syrian Rebels resulted in those same arms and training to be the strength of ISIS and ISIL. They have been encouraged and motivated by that support. We have, in effect, become their allies. Thanks in part to Hillary Benghazi Rose.

In looking at the consequences of Hillary’s performance in the Middle East, she almost makes Tokyo Rose appear patriotic.

While it isn’t possible to identify Hillary’s intentions, her actions are certainly those that would indicate a desire for Ambassador Stevens to be silenced. And for the radical Islamic forces to be strengthened. Either treasonous or indifference to consequences. For the sake of personal ambition.

Early reports mentioned that Ambassador Steven’s journal was found on the floor of the compound. I wonder who has it and what new truths would it provide. Ambassador Stevens was responsible for coordinating the delivery of arms to the Syrian “rebels.” Connection?

The reference to Benghazi Rose in the introduction harks back to World War II and Tokyo Rose. For you young folks who are not familiar with Tokyo Rose, she was an American citizen who broadcast demoralizing comments to our troops in the Pacific. After the war, she was convicted of treason.

Whether intentional or just callously indifferent, Hillary Clinton’s acts as Secretary of State in the Middle East make Tokyo Rose look virginal.

Hillary has earned the title of Benghazi Rose. With apologies to the late Tokyo Rose.

“What difference does it make,” Hillary?

I believe it is a title that should accompany her wherever she goes between now and November 2016. The voting public should be constantly reminded of how she betrayed Ambassador Stevens. And how her actions and failure to act have put all of in us jeopardy.

At all of her public appearances we should hear the chant, “Benghazi Rose! Benghazi Rose! Benghazi Rose!” No to Benghazi Rose Clinton for President.

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