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Norm McDonald · Mar. 24, 2015

Every day I see the main media and the left in America become more and more frantic and mean spirited. I suspect many more Americans are starting to see through the corrupt narrative they have pushed on us since the late 1960s; and the media and the left are becoming desperate. Thank God for the alternate media…

The past few weeks, the media and the American left have been in a frenzy trying to explain away and minimize Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. She had a server built in her own home for using private emails and State Department emails and memos. The State Department is one of those government institutions which often have business that needs to remain classified or at least secret, for obvious reasons. This makes many very nervous, not only the GOP and Independents, but many of the more level headed Democrats are scratching their heads over this latest scandal. The mainstream media are, for the most part, working very hard to cover this story, but covering a story on a prominent Democrat to the main media is more like “covering up” the story. The media and the apologists use the old “well he did it also” defense. This would be the ultimate straw man; governors and other state level politicians usually don’t deal with sensitive international issues…well ok, they never deal with sensitive international issues.

Let’s have a ‘just for example’ moment. What if it was found that Dick Cheney had built a secret server in his own residence back in 2000 and used that server for the only communications in and out of his office; can you imagine the years of rage and outcry from every alphabet channel. The 24/7 coverage by the rest of the media for months on end (hell, it would still be going on), the endless Justice Department investigations, the blogosphere going absolutely nuts screaming traitor! Darth Vader!

Forty seven GOP Senators sent a letter to Iran detailing how our treaties are handled via the Constitution. The left media are still having baby kittens over this. The bloggers are screaming, “Traitors!” That bastion of brilliant commentary, Howard Dean, breathlessly stating while on MSNBC, “Never in the history of the country has anything like this ever happened!” Well, uhh, except for Nancy Pelosi going to visit Bashar Assad right about the time he was dumping sarin gas on the Syrian opposition. And the U.S. Democrat Senator going to visit Saddam as an honored guest days before the Gulf War in 1991 (wonder if he participated in the rape rooms). Many times during the Iraq war were Democrats doing everything they could do to draw hatred down on the Bush administration. The Democrats and the left constantly undermined the Presidential office for 8 years of the GW Bush administration. Including in 2007 when at least a dozen Democrats met with the Ayatollah regime specifically to undermine the sanctions. One would almost believe the Democrats and the mainstream media are backing the regime’s nuclear programs. Didn’t hear about that one? Because the complicit media were doing everything in their power to sabotage the Bush administration.

Of course, these weren’t new things. Recall the outrage over Ronald Reagan walking out on the Soviets in Reykjavik – “He is bringing us to a nuclear war!” “He has betrayed us!” Every media outlet and Democrat talking head were tearing up in hysterics over the pending nuclear war that … never happened. What actually came out of the incident was the failure and fall of the Soviet Union. As usual the left were on the wrong side of history. Led by Joe Biden who has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue in the last 40 years; this fact is well documented.

Since last August, 2014, we have been pummeled with news from Ferguson, Missouri, after the 18-year-old young man was shot by a local cop. The first reports, as in nearly every case in history, were completely false. Witnesses were giving opposite stories but the media decided to push for the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative. Of course, this narrative was backed up by race baiting politicians who were either doing it for power, or in some cases, for the possibility of extorting money. When the tragedy was looked into by a grand jury, the true story came out that the hands up narrative was simply a lie. Our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder immediately launched a federal investigation to undermine the grand jury decision. And – Wa! La! – the feds found the grand jury was completely correct; yet the media still went with ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ fanning the flames of hate and violence. Which is exactly what they wanted – hatred and violence simply for the cynical reasons of getting ratings and to bash the police. Then came the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson bringing on the feigned outrage by these selfsame corrupt media types and the race baiting politicians. Obama expressed his outrage toward the cop shootings on Twitter. Twitter? He couldn’t walk out in the Rose Garden and speak a couple of words in support of police? I could easily put the blood of these officers on the media, but I don’t do that; I leave the blame game up to the left. The officers were shot by an anarchist(s) punk who wants the riots to continue on a nightly basis.

The main media and the left in America commonly – no, make that all the time – find someone to blame when criminal tragedies occur. The NRA is the most common scapegoat for the left, particularly when guns are involved. But they manage to blame others plenty often as in the Murrah Building bombing in 1995. The main media and the politicians immediately blamed talk radio, in particular Rush Limbaugh, for the bombing. As it turned out, it was a couple of malcontents egged on by Iraqi ex-patriots, who we find later actually hated Rush Limbaugh. One of the most egregious blame game came after the paranoid schizophrenic nutcase shot up a crowd in Arizona and seriously wounded Rep. Gabby Giffords. The media focused immediately on Sarah Palin because on her website Giffords was ‘targeted’ for an election fight. Democrats and Republicans have been doing these target sheets since the beginning of the 20th century, but that didn’t matter to the media; there was a narrative to push. Of course, we find out later, the nutcase had never looked at her website or even cared one iota for Sarah Palin. In fact, the screwball had consistently voted Democrat and hated the GOP. The narrative still goes on with that one, and the media have never walked it back at all.

Of course the biggest and most obvious blame game entity the left, the main media and the administration like to use is Fox News; I just don’t get that one. Sure there are opinion hosts, some are very conservative, and some are frankly very liberal. But those are opinion people and it is expected that they push their ideas; and except for really uninformed and dumb people, this is normal. The news broadcasters on Fox simply report the news and they do it very well. But the prevailing narrative is to blame all the woes of the Obama administration on Fox News, the IRS fiasco, the Benghazi attacks, the secret emails of Hillary Clinton, Obama’s bad golf game. OK, not that one, but you get the idea.

The Democrat left and the main stream media will go to any length to push the narrative that all conservatives and Fox News are racists, women haters, promote violence and so on and on…and on…ad nauseum (they never explain minority conservatives and women). They push this agenda with outright lies, lies of omission and twisted reporting. Their ultimate goal is to stop all speech that is contrary to theirs. The left wing are doing everything possible to shut down all speech that doesn’t tow the left wing narrative while conservatives are doing everything in their power to keep the left in America free to say anything they choose, no matter how over the top and stupid it may be.

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