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Nazi Fascists Everywhere?

George Handlery · Jul. 27, 2015

Powerful forces that exploit the media’s consumers, suggest an answer in the affirmative. Loose tongues unconnected to brains enhance the blame so that, without having done anything, you, too, can be condemned. Your inclusion is not a question of deeds, and it is not even dependent on nurturing a disapproved opinion. No, it is sufficient if you withhold support from a cause that is near and dear to leftist hearts.

Swinging the moral club without a rational cause is a dangerous addiction. The peril of crying “wolf” at the approach of guinea-pigs is considerably greater than the libel’s exploiters realize.

Begin the list of errors with the discussion-ending curse: “fascism.” Actually, what is really meant is something else. “National socialist” is the correct term. The problem with that is that it includes an unwanted word. Calling anything bad “socialist” is clearly “fascistic” to those that can disperse fact-overriding disapproval. When the national socialists kidnapped Germany, the international mutant had its label exposed to competition. Dimitroff, a leading red, came up with “fascist” as in “German fascism” or “Italian fascism,” etc. It mattered little that the term ignored content. Fascists were radicals that put the “nation” into the center of their worldview. The national socialists were not only socialist but also racists. They wished to build a perfect world by conquering it on behalf of a superior race that would ordain an equalitarian order for the survivors. Nazis ignored nationality: their loose definition of “race” determined the difference between acceptance and annihilation. The survivors of the Soviet order put that system closer to Nazi socialism than to fascism. The emphasis of the “superior Soviet man” — in sports the inferior races were discouraged to win against him — makes the point.

With that cleared, we turn to the present. In it, as the observer ascertains, irrationality continues to prevail in the public discourse even if, as ruling systems, they have murdered dozens of millions. Transcending facts and logic continues to be attractive. Here a beautiful but also frightening example of that irrationality. The item of July 15th with its venue in Hungary’s south where thousands of illegal, but by PC’s dictate overlooked migrants penetrate the EU. A store clerk finds that “America has a considerable role” in the invasion.

The reporter: how can that be?

That I do not know.

A shopper chimes in: Yes, and those that persecute those that run for their lives should be bombed.

Who should do the bombing?

The Americans.

Doctrines formulated to simplify a complicated world fly not only without an engine but also without wings. They also accomplish miracles, such as converting the politically incorrect — Netanyahu comes to mind — into fascist. A government with a defining person of Jewish background can, therefore, be fascist and, to add pepper, rate as anti-Semitic. Such miracles support the effort to warn tongue-in-cheek to be prepared for the time when “racist” Israel will be accused of anti-Semitism. By this standard, America, with a black President, a black AG, etc. is nevertheless a racist country. Doubt this and you will be branded as a racist. After all, are those that protect racists not themselves racists?

If you consume our day’s international press, you are stunned by the charges that — like algae do tepid waters — obscure reality by a curtain of accusations. Rely on such sources, and the world appears full of “right-wing extremists,” and “fascists” that are also “populists.” Neo-Nazis abound, uncouth “racists” march protected by the “police state.” Meanwhile, “religious fanatics” hold dumb “nativists” under their spell. They cash in on “xenophobia” and the “know-nothing” activism of “machos” and “haters.” Oddly, terms such as “traitor” or “pervert” play no role in the arsenal of curses.“

Charges that match the Middle Ages’ "heresy, sorcery and pacts with the devil” are, at least for the moment, effective. Anyone tagged as a fascist — the term is the super weapon among the cusses — has a PR problem and must apologize.

To state the self-evident, rightist and leftist extremists appear in every society. So, occasionally the denigrating terms might apply. That designation might include persons that are illogically regarded, due to traits that confer “victim” status upon them, as immune to wear the otherwise fitting tag such as “racist.”

Calling everything disliked fascist or Nazi is of dubious value. Just consider of what can make you in the court of PC into a “Nazi fascist.”

You consider government debt incurred to finance consumption to be dangerous. You are convinced that aid money should not be given so that the receiving elite can continue the policies that have caused its initial failure.

You hold that a national economy that is debilitated by a growing national debt is unlikely to be made viable by more debt financed from abroad to pay due interest.

You think that refugee status is not due to those that come from safe countries even if they claim living conditions that are below their expectations. (The genuine persecuted Yes. Migrants: No.)

You believe that plain immigrants should be admitted on the basis of their skills and their willingness to integrate in their hosting community.

You claim that recalcitrant aliens that become criminal should be repatriated to their country of origin.

You insist that the law of your land should apply to all those within its jurisdiction regardless of proven or unproven claims of victim status.

You assert that religion, origins do not justify deeds that are illegal by the standards of the land. (No trait shall guarantee immunity.)

You suppose that your country should stand by its friends and must not finance its enemies.

You reckon that international agreements should have no secret clauses and that they need to be adhered to by all their signatories.

You maintain that the membership in international organizations should bolster the nation and enhance its ability to protect its interests.

You hold that, regardless of the support at the ballot box, no output should be extended without a commensurate input.

You believe that your country has achieved something, that it is unique, and that, therefore, it deserves to be defended.

You know that not every compromise is a good one. The halfway point between two absurdities does not avoid insanity. If “A” claims that 2x2 is five and “B” pretends that it is seven, then “six” is not watertight and it is still bad math.

You may, on your own continue to complete the list. If you do so, and if you basically agree with the above, then you must be told: You are in trouble.

You are in trouble because, by the standards of PC, you have just become a self-braded fascist. Even if mildly judged for otherwise good behavior, you wind up at least as a certified right-wing extremist.

Here the matter that touched upon the ridiculous becomes serious. Your correspondent has noted in the fifties that calling everything unusual “communist,” was abused to silence the innovative. Ultimately, swinging this club indiscriminately has aided and legitimized the subversive left. At present, the ongoing abuse of fascism — which really exists on the periphery — is even more damaging.

Just follow this imaginary scenario to get the point. A person discovers that a number of policies he supports and the values he holds are labeled as Fascist. Without much knowledge of the real past, this individual is made to generate these thoughts. “I have been told that ancient history’s "Fascism” was bad. Now the same people claim that my way to react to what I see and experience makes me into a fascist. What I know on my own is clear to me. Problems I know and feel grow, and I notice that those that say that it is fascism to even mention my concerns, are the ones that I hold responsible. The same folks also tell me that what I consider to be the common sense response, make me into a Nazi. Whatever they pretend: I know that I am right and that what they profess fails. Therefore, perhaps what I seem to remember about that “fascism” might also be distorted. If what I know and want makes me into a fascist, then, perhaps, fascism might not be as bad as they pretend. Ergo, I stick to my point and accept the label that those nincompoops throw at me.

Once something analogous takes place on a mass basis, our civilization will be headed toward trouble. As a system, democracy, as we are used to it, will fail to function if the ongoing trust in the media, the elites, institutions and government continues to erode. Perhaps this should not surprise us. The fanatics of a camp will not tend to bolster the rational center but, as experience proves, they help the radicals of their opposite to take power. It happened after 1917 in Russia and in 1933 in Germany.

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