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Syrians and Political Hypocrisy

L.E. Brown · Nov. 20, 2015

Hypocrisy, including lying, is abounding on the issues surrounding Syrian refugees.

Very few, if any, of those waxing eloquent or boorishly for or against admitting to the United States those fleeing Syria are being truthful about the real reasons for their positions.

Many of those who claim their stance has nothing to do with religion, race, ethnicity, economics or nationality are lying.

Why else explain why many governors are telling President Obama that they don’t want the Syrians in their state because some of them might be terrorists while most state leaders in the past welcomed, and most at present welcome, anyone — be they terrorists, drug dealers, criminals, etc. — ambling into the U.S. across the Mexico-United States border?

Why else has the Obama administration put a limit on the number of Syrians accepted but has not, and does not, limit the millions coming in from Mexico, the rest of South America, all of the Middle East except Israel and all of Africa except Libya, crossing the southern, northern, western and eastern borders of the U.S.?

Why does the Department of Homeland Security spew out memos attesting to its rigorous vetting of immigrants when nearly none exists in practice along U.S. borders? Like any other government agency, actions are mostly on paper only.

Is their a limit being put on the number of Syrians allowed into the U.S. because they wouldn’t want to work on a hog farm or in a slaughterhouse in North Carolina, on an orchard in California or as a gardener for a rich Hollywood snob?

Would Syrians demand higher wages pr public assistance standards than, say, poor, uneducated Hondurans?

Presidential candidates and other politicians ought to quit lying and solve the Syrian refugee problem the old-fashioned government way — through semantics.

Let’s solve the Syrian refugee problem simply by urging the Obama administration to label Syrian refugees undocumented aliens rather than refugees.

That way, many state governors can logically accept millions (undocumented aliens, i.e. formerly refugees) into their states, as they have for decades gleefully accepted anyone crossing from Mexico or Canada into the United States. (And, once here, have provided services, more than are given U.S. citizens, and resisted efforts to deport these illegal immigrants, in some cases put obstacles in the way of  deporting those who have committed crimes.)

Governors could promise that if the federal government would deliver any European, including terrorists, to Mexico or Canada they would send buses or airplanes to pick them up and take them to the state of their choice.

North Carolina, which has been a leader in aiding and abetting illegal immigration in the past, might even deliver an instant driver’s license and a voter registration form to anyone boarding a bus for the Tar Heel State.

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