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What They Mean and What They Say: Translating PC-Infested Speech

George Handlery · Dec. 18, 2015

You might have noticed that we have trouble to define some of the terms we use. This is not a trait intellectual rejects but applies to us all. Associated with the thoughtless use of in-terms is that we resort to imposed phrases that cover up reality.

Years ago, Duly Noted had stated that “PC kills.” That potion against reality wants, that we believe “what they say” and not “what we see.” Serving elites, our time’s PC-cult has upgraded falsifications to parade as virtue. In the past, the bearers of bad news were killed. Today, those that remind us of the facts, are pilloried as uncouth.

Presently, we wage a war declared on us by leftist collectivism and the Caliphate. To their advantage, both are allowed to misrepresent themselves with the connivance of elites that take cover behind PC-warped depictions. We may not call the duck a duck, even if it quacks and walks like one, because that might insult our “feathered friends.” In this case, we are to overlook “ducks” because we are bullied to duck the need to fess up to findings that tell things the way they are. The consequence: if ducks would have the teeth of gators and the claws of lions, we would be defenseless against the beasts by pretending that they are only starlings.

Dismayed, we register that about terrorism, “Washington” plays tricks with words. The free world’s leader dislikes to employ fitting terms in favor of what covers up the matter. Renaming what is bent to devour us does not make its bite benign.

We need to learn something that has been forgotten since the world war. Denying threats does not provide for safety. Whistling in the dark does not create light, and appeasement will not mellow aggressors. These are not thuggish because they need therapy but because they are, well, thugs. Crisis management, by which we blame ourselves to justify retreat, will not create sympathy. Finally, tolerating the intolerable does not convert to moderation, and submission never softens tyranny.

Increasingly, the “man of the street” is led to a discovery. Although he is told to perceive what he is told, and not to ignore what he sees, life makes him realize that the political class’ is a Titanic whose exhortations amount to a “there are no icebergs” message. Recent, and predictable future elections — France, Poland, Croatia, Germany, England, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland, Venezuela — confirm the impression of the alienation of the people from their hither governors. A revolution at the ballot box unfolds — albeit slowly, implied by the process and its instruments.

A statesman-like governor’s response would be to change course. The problem resides in the admission of failure. Doctrinal prejudices had created unalterable truths shared by the nominally conservative, and de facto leftist, branches of those like-minded parties that share power and that negate unwanted trends. Ergo, while they recommend the contemporary version of “eat cake,” the self-generated vicissitudes’ magnitude is ignored, their destructive effect is underrated, and problems are blamed on the critical barefooted “populists” that tell it as it is.

The French PM’s warning prior to the December 13th election comes to mind. He told that, should the National Front prevail, the country would descend into “civil war.” Indeed, this time the warning still worked and gave a “conservative” — socialist alliance tactical victory. While no fan of the NF, the coalition against it confirms the foregoing. A comparable “warning” comes from the central organ of Muslims in Germany. It found that the war on terror creates more terror. You see, self-defense angers terrorists and submission prevents confrontations. So, give in for peace’ sake!

The New York Post’s reference of San Bernardino about “Muslim Killers” has caused outrage in quarters where they wished to recast the mayhem into something that fits PC’s fairytale. Indeed, not all Muslims are killers, nevertheless, the killers killed as Muslims. Therefore, that religion is not an irrelevant component of the case.

Another piece of distortion masquerading as “proper behavior’s” crisis management had appeared at the margins of the slaying. Some publications disapproved of the female murderer’s picture. The image did not show eyes peering out from under a black cloak, but displayed a face framed by a head-scarf. The objection? Her dignity has been violated by revealing her face as, prior to the attack, she wore full camouflage. Is this plea a case of genial spin? It is, if you would not have thought of such a claim. On the other hand, falling for it — which confers victim status upon a criminal — might be a sign of wobbly thinking.

A further case of the protection of felons follows from the foregoing. Geneva’s security is looking for terrorists implicated in the Paris massacre. TV has presented an excellent group picture of the gang. Being remote, you surmise that it should help to apprehend those crooks. A sane person can be terribly wrong in the warped world of PC. To protect the band’s privacy, the faces were blacked out. Thus Geneva has found PC, even if the search for the conspirators is still on.

While the print of this text was drying, a “wunderkind” of the PC-orchestra provided a fitting conclusion. Merkel, a champion chameleon of public life, is meant. As a nominal conservative she steers a left-liberal course which makes her into a Social Democratic governor even if, the SPD is only a junior partner of her coalition. In August, Merkel invited the entire middle east to settle in Germany and reassure Germany of the benefits of the new multicultural mixture. As a result, instead of the estimated 400 000 thousand, 1.2 million came. (Included are the missing tens of thousands that went underground.) Early on, Merkel had boasted that “we will manage that” and that a moral obligation (to take all) knows no upper limit.

A cabal of do-gooders and leftist, dismissed as xenophobic those that had warned that the mass of migrants — not refugees — and their imported way of life, block integration. The commandment to help the deserving does not cover most of those on the move, and that support is most effective close to home.

While asserting that Europe’s indigenous have a right to their way of life, the warners pointed out the need to protect Europe at her borders — and not through perfunctory measures after forced entry. Belatedly, without admitting their error, the leaders of the “legitimate” mainstream have reluctantly come around. Now they advocate the watered down version of the approach they had condemned as cruel and immoral.

As this happens, supportively Merkel is Time’s “Man of the Year” or proclaimed to be Europe’s leader. Meanwhile, defensively, the influx is sold as the rescue of retirement funds through its contributions and as a reservoir of skilled workers. However, in real life, most are unemployable or become welfare dependent in dead-end jobs.

Meanwhile, the secret but preferred reaction to disorder remains be unchanged. “If you detect a crime, try to deny it. Once it cannot be denied, pretend that it expresses a cultural identity. If the "simplistic” public complains about crime, legalize it.“

The defiantly issued compliments sound good and they may confirm -please do not look- that all is well. Nevertheless, unmerciful reality will punch holes in the worn cardboard wrapping that holds together the PC-corrected version of truth. After the "wrong,” followed by the “too late,” the wineskins will burst. Their outpouring substance should reveal, regardless of the spin, that their real content had been not more than a water-diluted vapor of vinegar.

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