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The Year of Decision

William Stoecker · Mar. 23, 2016

To say that the US faces serious problems right now is a major understatement. We have out of control spending and an ever-larger national debt, unfunded liabilities, massive student debt, massive overall private debt, and a declining infrastructure. Our banks have exposed themselves to a derivatives risk. Tens of millions of Americans are out of work while both legal and illegal aliens flood into our former Republic, taking jobs and depressing wages, and adversely impacting our schools and healthcare facilities. Racial tensions are at an all-time high; immigrants commit more and more crime and have no interest in assimilating; and our glorious maximum leader, King Hussein, is busily importing thousands more Islamic terrorists. We are vulnerable to an EMP attack and our king refuses to take the relatively easy and inexpensive measures that could harden our electrical and communications grids against this threat. It is now too late to avoid all of the consequences of allowing our leaders to get us into this mess, but there are two Presidential candidates who might possibly take measures to save us from the worst of what is to come, and perhaps eventually restore our prosperity, our sovereignty, and our liberty. And we can’t really trust either of them.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz may not even fit the strict definition of “natural born citizen,” but then our current Unpresident may not be an American citizen at all, so why worry about that now? Cruz has a good record on support of the Second Amendment, and he opposed US sponsored regime change in Syria from the beginning. He now says he opposes the Export-Import Bank (a prime example of crony capitalism), he says he is pro-life, and he supports traditional marriage and opposes Common Core and the global warming lie. All of this is music to the ears of most conservative patriots. And Cruz has stood up to the RINO/neocon Republican Party elites. On the other hand, he is a graduate of Hahvahd, and, while we shouldn’t hold this against him, many of our worst political leaders for decades have had their “tickets punched” at that institution. And his wife, Heidi Cruz, was a deputy to Bush National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, an architect of our failed interventionist foreign policy. Heidi Cruz was also a CFR member, and the Council for Foreign Relations is the exclusive club of the leftists and neocons who have led us to where we are now — on the brink of ruin. She is a partner at Goldman Sachs, which is pretty much “bankster central,” an institution that has supported (and perhaps controlled) the policies and leaders who have brought us to this pass…and Goldman Sachs loaned one million dollars to Cruz’s campaign. Is he secretly in their pocket? Equally disturbing is the fact that Mitt Romney, the establishment poster boy, has now endorsed Cruz.

Donald Trump is loud and foul-mouthed, boastful, and embarrassingly inarticulate, repeating the same words and phrases over and over. His speeches are short on detail regarding how he will “make America great again,” but his website is much more detailed and specific, and the details look pretty impressive. In the past, he has been all over the political map, supporting Planned “Parenthood” and Lady Macbeth (Hillary). He has profited from eminent domain. But he has clearly and repeatedly stated that, if elected, he will stop virtually all Islamic immigration and sharply curtail all immigration. He states that he opposes the disastrous “trade” treaties, like the sovereignty-destroying TPP. He is pro Second Amendment, and he has all along opposed our military interventionist policies — all of this is to the good. Judging by the attempts of the Republican establishment to prevent his nomination, plus the increasingly violent attacks of leftist rent-a-mobs whenever he speaks to his supporters, the elites seem, rightly or wrongly, to hate and fear him more than they hate and fear Cruz. Much will depend on what advisors he appoints; we need to watch this carefully.

The problem is that, even if one of these men would keep his promises, the powers that be hate both of them (that in itself is a point in their favor). It now appears that the Republican establishment may rig the convention to deny either of them the nomination, and we now know that voting machines can be hacked. Rush Limbaugh thinks the convention will be rigged to nominate Romney or even the Jebster. Even if Trump, for example, is nominated, he may still lose the election; although more and more evidence of Lady Macbeth’s crimes will leak out, never underestimate the mindless stupidity of a large portion of the electorate. And, again, there is vote fraud, with hacked machines and dead illegal aliens voting early and often. And even Republicans have made veiled death threats against Trump…he could very well end up dead of “natural causes” and be found with a pillow on his head, or be shot by a “lone gunman.” Or he, or Cruz, might be elected after all — and promptly betray us.

But this time it will not be so easy for the elites to get away with it. A large minority of Americans, perhaps by now a majority, including major media figures like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, people who had been mainstream Republicans, are totally disillusioned with the leadership of both parties. This is really unprecedented — we are entering uncharted territory. We are also increasingly furious at the violent leftists, who are completely “out of the closet” now, revealing themselves as the mindless, heartless, hate-mongering fascists they have always been. No one knows how tens of millions of armed and increasingly desperate patriots will react, say, to obvious vote fraud or the assassination of Trump or Cruz. And we Americans are not alone. Europeans, disarmed and castrated by political correctness, are nevertheless increasingly unhappy with the EU and the ongoing Islamic invasion. Communist Venezuela is virtually collapsing, and Brazilians are furious with their “socialist” leaders. Whatever happens, after this year, for better or worse, things will change.

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