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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

George Rogers Clark · May 2, 2011

Some will say what follows is a sad case of presumption. Some will say it is indicative of an essential arrogance. I am praying that it is the result of inspiration. What follows is a hopeful attempt to speak to our politicians in Washington on behalf of the majority of concerned citizens in America.

Politicians love to categorize or pigeonhole anything resembling dissention. In the interest of being heard, let me help with the process. I wear these labels: I am a conservative. I am an independent voter. I am a Patriot. Furthermore, I do not consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. But, if anyone cares to check, they will find I am registered as a Republican, only because of Ronald Reagan.

To prevent any errant assumptions, let me share some of my beliefs. I believe in priorities; mine are Family, God, and Country. Family first is how I was raised and I honor my parents. I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior. I believe His Grace is sufficient for my sins. I believe America is the greatest nation in the history of man. I believe American Liberty is unique and unsurpassable. I believe misguided “progressivism” has brought us to our present dilemma and the majority of American people know it in their core.

To complete my profile, may I share a little “case history?” In my entire adult life, President Reagan is the only one I ever thought of as my President. He alone seemed to understand me and represent my ideals. Apparently, there are millions upon millions of Americans that feel the same. He won The Office in two landslide elections.

Those who voted for Ronald Reagan, and the children of those who voted for him, are not all dead. We represent a substantial constituency. Additionally there are countless other millions who have read the books, seen the documentary films, and heard the voices of those who hold Ronald Reagan’s memory in the highest regard. They too are believers, because of his good character and his love for the people. They, also, are part of this substantial constituency.

As for the current state of affairs in our nation, I believe the Tea Party Movement is on the right track. As for the President and Congress of the United States of America in April of 2011, I believe you must immediately begin to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Those who govern in Washington D.C. have recently demonstrated to the overwhelming majority that they lack moral courage to stand on principle. Instead, they attempt to stand with one foot in their “base” camp and another in the “middle.” Considering the mood of the people, standing on a platform divided may prove to be a prescription for a fall.

Hear me, esteemed ladies and gentlemen! You have been used by your party leadership. They want you to “cover your base” while hoping to pull from the middle. The idea might be good reelection strategy in times of lesser turmoil. Right now, said strategy is making you less likely to retain a seat.

There is a revolution on. It is, perhaps, “The New Reagan Revolution.” Perhaps it is the new Tea Party inspired revolution. Perhaps they are the same. I think it is some of both and a lot more.

You see the Tea Party rallies and you think you see the revolution. That is just the visible expression of an invisible tidal wave of people power. “Take Back America” is a slogan you assign to one source, but it has become a compelling idea to a complete cross-section of America. You will not find the representative demographic; the variables are too many, too complex. Your political analysts will not be able to put their finger on the pulse of an invisible target.

You have presumed to tell the people what they want, with your patented double-meaning. But you need to cowboy-up and get real and honest. We already have.

How big of a constituency is this? It is the middle; it is the right; it is the Tea Party movement. It is some disappointed Democrats, too. Our backs are to the wall. We are facing the risk of a recession turning into a worldwide depression. A vast majority are revolting. They will be voting together. They will be demanding conservative measures.

By the time 2012 gets here, the people will be even better informed and even more united in purpose. This enumerable constituency will not be allowing massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare until you have done your part. They know that you know where the money is going and how to stop the deficits and debt. They will not be dragged into poverty by a socialist regime in Washington. They will not allow further erosion of our unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.”

Furthermore, ladies and gentlemen, you will have to enable economic growth instead of suppressing it. Real private sector jobs produce goods and services and spawn other real jobs. America needs those. America does not need more government jobs that produce nothing but tax bills and spawn nothing but more government jobs.

The big picture looks like this: only the most radical left, liberal constituents are going to support the spending and debt creation of recent decades, and especially the past two years. Nobody is crazy enough to want to continue down the road to perdition unless they hate America and have a hidden agenda to destroy our system.

I believe that this new, united political force is in revolt and will not be appeased with good oratory and fine-print rip-offs. Most of you in Washington already know that 2012 is judgment day and the voters are not going to be merciful. So, what do you do now to prepare for that day?

The answer again is: lead, follow or get out of the way.

Stand on principle. Serve the best interests of the nation. Look the American people in the eye and tell them the truth. Stop looking for “wiggle room” to try to appease too many masters. Hold your head high, vote your conscience on every issue, and let reelection take care of itself. If America disagrees with you, you will lose your job. But, is not that the way it should work? If your public service does not serve the people why do you want to continue?

Kiss the ring of your Party leadership. Just keep doing what you have been doing. But you could participate in the revolution. You may become known in history as a Champion of the People. You may restore pride and integrity to the body politic.

Get out of the way:
Do not run for another term. If you cannot be a statesman, be a leisure-man, or leisure-woman. Go play on your yacht, or whatever.

Call me arrogant or presumptuous. Call me “nobody.” But I promise your attempt at socialism in America will fail. Too many have died to defeat tyranny and protect Liberty. Petty party politics, thieves and liars are finished. You must lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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