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Mislabeling for Fun & Profit

Burt Prelutsky · Aug. 27, 2016

The FDA has pretty strict rules when it comes to labeling products. It will stop you in your tracks if you try to pass off ground chuck as ground sirloin or try to peddle something doused in sodium as being salt-free. But, unfortunately, there is no federal agency or even a law that can prevent people from mislabeling themselves.

As a result, Elizabeth Warren could call herself a Cherokee in order to advance her academic career and land her a spot at Harvard, where apparently being or at least claiming to be a Native American counts far more than honesty, character and intelligence. In much the same way, left-wing activist Rachel Dolezal insisted that, in spite of being born to white parents, that she was a black woman, and Bruce Jenner, physical evidence to the contrary, could announce he was a she named Caitlyn.

Mislabeling can be annoyingly far-fetched as when a lousy movie cherry-picks words from a terrible review in order to sell itself to a gullible public. In fact, I bet if you check the entertainment section of your newspaper, you will see that some clunker about which some reviewer wrote: “It’s a wonder that the same studio that produced last year’s Best Picture Oscar winner would release this piece of dreck” is running an ad that states “It’s a wonder!” “Best Picture” and “Oscar winner.”

But, then, show business is always allowed far greater latitude in advertising than other industries. It explains why people such as Rob Schneider, David Caruso, Ben Affleck, Ethan Hawke, Josh Hartnett and Adam Sandler, are allowed to identify themselves as actors on their income tax returns.

For that matter, there’s nothing on the books to prevent those people whose religion is Liberalism from insisting they’re Jews. The truth is that millions of Americans who have no more connection to Judaism than Eskimos, take some perverse sort of satisfaction in carrying off this charade. Perhaps they merely want to cash in on the Jewish reputation for being intelligent or at least well-educated. But far too often, these are people who favor Israel’s enemies over Israel and are so dense they will vote exactly like urban blacks and never wonder why one of the best-educated segments of the electorate would vote the exact same way as the least-educated.

Most American Jews have such a tenuous connection to the religion of their grandparents that, quite often, the only way to recognize them is by their last names, their fondness for corned beef and sour pickles, and their unnatural tolerance for gefilte fish and kishkah (don’t ask!).

Yet another example of mislabeling are those currently flying under false colors. I refer to the turncoats calling themselves Republicans while doing everything they can to deny Donald Trump the presidency and handing it over on a silver platter to Hillary Clinton.

It’s the alternative to Trump that makes this bit of treachery so alarming. It would be one thing if sore losers like the Bushes, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, were opting for one of those Democrats for whom earlier Republicans would occasionally have an affinity. I refer to people such as Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Sen. Henry (“Scoop”) Jackson (WA), who weren’t afraid to engage the Soviet Union in the Cold War at a time when a great many loony left-wingers were pushing for unilateral disarmament and insisting that if we would only beat our nuclear arsenal into plowshares, the Soviet Union would do the same.

But that’s not the alternative today. If Trump isn’t elected, someone should remind these Fifth Columnists that the next President of the United States will be none other than Hillary (“What difference, at this point, does it matter who killed four Americans?”) Clinton.

Have these morons already forgotten that this woman, whose greatest accomplishment in life was marrying a sexual predator and staying married for the sake of her political and financial ambitions, has more scandals on her resume than a hunting dog has fleas? Hillary Clinton is the furthest thing from a Cold War warrior. Considering the cold shoulder she gave to Ambassador Chris Stevens when he pleaded for additional security in Libya and the lies she told the nation and the families of those murdered in Benghazi, she can’t even claim to be a fair weather patriot.

People like Truman, Kennedy and Jackson, would be outraged if they’d seen her giggling like a very old school girl as she pressed the reset button with Vladimir Putin.

At the DNC convention, delegates were approached and asked if they agreed with a series of statements attributed to Hillary Clinton. Apparently, almost without fail, they did. The kicker is that all of the lines had been lifted from remarks and speeches made by Donald Trump.

By this time, it’s certainly no surprise that Democrats are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and certainly not to be trusted within a country mile of a voting booth, but the way that so many prominent Republicans are carrying on these days, I’m beginning to wonder if stupidity is a contagious disease.

But, unlike the Zika, which is spread by a certain breed of mosquito, the multiple sources of this particular virus are irritating pests like George and Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Katie Pavlich, Glenn Beck, Rich Lowry, Ed Meese, Erick Erickson, William Kristol, George Will and Michael Meved.

We can only hope and pray that medical science will come up with a miracle cure before November 8th rolls around.

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