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Antifa's Goal

Gary Bauer · Aug. 30, 2017

In Monday’s report, I told you about the black clad, left-wing fascists who attacked an anti-hate rally in Berkeley over the weekend. This so-called “antifa” group claims to be fighting fascism, yet it is just as dangerous as that toxic ideology.

For proof, check out this video. Antifa protestors are seen chanting, “No Trump! No Wall. No USA At All!”

These demonstrators are the storm troopers of globalism. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that this is just a backlash to Trump or to his aggressive border security policies. Their extremism goes far beyond that.

They are very clear that they don’t want America even to exist!

Sadly, these people went to our public schools. Many of them are college graduates. How did they go through our educational system and come out hating their own country this much?

While the media are looking for neo-Nazis, these fascists are proudly marching on college campuses and in major cities, beating up anyone who stands up to them. Sadly very few progressive politicians have denounced them.

It is imperative that conservatives and the Republican Party make the Left and the media own antifa. We must be focused. Every conservative and GOP official should use every public appearance to demand that Democrats and journalists condemn antifa’s violent tactics and its stated goal of destroying America.

To our friends at the RNC: Are you working on the ad campaign yet?

To GOP consultants: Instead of telling candidates to abandon conservative issues, tell them to go on offense and force the Left to own antifa.

To local politicians: No police department should ever be ordered to stand down in the face of these fascist thugs. Their lawlessness and violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

To our allies in Congress: Key homeland security committees should schedule public hearings on antifa now.

To our friends in the administration: The FBI and Department of Justice should designate antifa as a domestic terrorist group. Every available resource should be dedicated to shutting it down. And the Department of Education should immediately notify all colleges and universities (especially those hostile to conservative and Christian clubs) that support for antifa will result in a loss of federal funding. Professors who defend their violence and anti-First Amendment tactics should be fired.

Kim Ups the Ante

North Korea test-fired another ballistic missile, but this time Kim Jong-un upped the ante. In a deliberately provocative act, Kim ordered this missile to fly over northern Japan, endangering innocent lives.

Incredibly, many in the foreign policy establishment insist that we must live with this. They make it sound as if there is a bad option and a good option.

The bad option is to try to destroy Kim’s nuclear program.

The good option is to stop joint military exercises with South Korea and acquiesce to other demands the criminal enterprise in Pyongyang might make.

Our foreign policy elites have chosen the “good option” every step of the way for the past 20 years, which is why we are in this situation today.

If you were a citizen of Japan, yesterday you would have woken up to the equivalent of our Amber alerts. Cell phones, radio and TV stations were blaring the following message: “Missile launch. Missile launch. A missile was fired from North Korea. Please evacuate to a sturdy building or basement.”

Does anyone think the citizens of Japan should be forced to regularly seek shelter every time Kim gets cranky? How is that a “good option” for a nation with the world’s third largest economy?

By the way, as all of this is unfolding, the man who was president for the past eight years continues to get a free ride. Where is the reporter who will look into the camera and say, “Former President Obama, what were you doing to rid the world of North Korea’s nuclear blackmail? And why did you think it was a good idea to cut a nuclear deal with Kim Jong-un’s allies — the mullahs of Iran?”

Record Rain

Houston continues to get pummeled by record rainfall. There is incredible suffering. Yet the many helping hands, the rescues and other selfless acts are lifting the spirits of a deeply divided nation. The example being set in Texas stands in stark contrast to what we saw in Berkeley this weekend.

I alluded to this Monday, but it is worth mentioning again. For the last six weeks, not only have dead Southerners been under attack, but the South as a whole has been berated because of its cultural conservatism. The entire weight of elite opinion has been dedicated to attacking Southern culture.

Every time a jihadist yells “Allahu akbar!” while blowing himself up or decapitating an innocent victim, our politically correct media complex insists that the jihadist has nothing to do with Islam. Yet when a maniac drove his car into a crowd of protestors, tragically taking the life of a young woman, that same media complex insisted that the driver of that car had everything to do with the South.

Why is this hatred for the South growing the further away we get from the Civil War?

I suspect it is because the South has been the most resistant to the Left’s cultural revolution, and because its electoral votes have been the most dependable for conservative presidents, including the hated Ronald Reagan and the despised Donald Trump.

The people of the South love God and Country. They believe in the Second Amendment. Their sons and daughters volunteer for military service at higher rates.

Here’s an idea for Republican strategists: Stop being embarrassed by the South. Start defending your most loyal voters with the same passion that the Left shows for its pro-abortion, transgender, illegal immigrant, pot-smoking base!

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