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Sex Scandal (Part Three): The Victimization of America’s Children

Rebecca Hagelin · Dec. 13, 2017

If recent headlines have you thinking that women are the most frequent victims of sexual harassment, think again.

It’s actually America’s children who are suffering the most as they are exposed to graphic sexual material, brainwashed into accepting all manner of sexual activity as normal, and placed into situations that pretty much ensure abuse.

And all of this begins before they leave kindergarten.

The foundation for such perverted childhood teachings and abuse was laid by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s and ‘50s. Under the guise of “science,” Kinsey — now known as one of history’s most prolific pedophiles — sexually abused countless children and babies, wrote about his experiences and persuaded the liberal educators of his day to develop and distribute a genre of “sex education” reflecting his gross immorality.

Today’s “progressive” movement, which still worships Kinsey, is expanding his abusive ideology beyond “sex education,” incorporating it into virtually every facet of the school experience.

It’s time for decent Americans to fight back, understanding that nothing less than the lives and futures of our children are at stake. With no time to lose, we need to look for examples of heroes who can show us how to effectively fight the madness.

One such hero is Karen England.

Mrs. England is a force to be reckoned with in the efforts to expose and end the abuse of America’s children in our school systems. If every state had a child protection advocate like Mrs. England, we could stop the onslaught against childhood innocence in very short order.

It was her fight several years ago to protect the privacy of schoolchildren in the bathroom, for goodness sake, that made me realize just how far down the toilet American decency has gone.

As executive director for California’s Capitol Resource Institute, Mrs. England led the efforts to thwart statewide attempts by progressives, feminists and homosexual activists to create coed bathrooms and locker rooms. While that war now rages across the nation, Mrs. England also works to protect children from explicit classroom sexual materials and the forcing of little children to participate in gender fluidity nonsense.

“Progressive education curriculums aim to methodically dismantle gender and then normalize LGBTQ topics to elementary age children. School districts throughout the nation are acquiring this extreme curriculum that promotes a sexualized ideology throughout all course material,” Mrs. England says. 

“'Health education’ has become nothing more than a way for Planned Parenthood and other sex activist groups to promote the exploration of various sexual activities by children (including oral and anal sex).

"Both the content and the method of teaching desensitize and lower the inhibitions of our children and destroy their innocence, modesty, and privacy.”

Mrs. England, who works with the Nevada Family Alliance in addition to Capitol Resource, also is raising awareness about “obscenity exemptions” that permit the use of raunchy pornographic materials in K-12 classrooms.

Judith Reisman, the nation’s foremost expert on sex education and co-author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud and author of Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, explains obscenity exemptions on her website: “These exemptions permit administrators, teachers and librarians to give children material normally classified as ‘harmful to minors’ in 41 states — obscene material, distribution of which in any other setting would be considered child sex abuse.”

Mrs. Reisman zeroes-in on a key way to jump-start efforts to protect America’s children: “An executive order by President Trump and/or similar action by national leaders would help to spotlight massive child sexual exploitation in our public, private and parochial schools occurring right under our taxpaying noses.”

To understand the horrors of how we are victimizing our children and creating a new generation of abusers, spend time on www.capitolresource.org, www.nevadafamilyalliance.org and www.drjudithreisman.com.

It’s not enough for Americans to be mortified by revelations of widespread sexual harassment. We must face the grim reality that the same rotten ideology that promotes the sexual objectification of women also controls our classrooms.

It’s time for responsible adults of both political parties to take action to end the psychological abuse and brainwashing of America’s children. Mrs. England, Mrs. Reisman and other noble warriors like them show us how.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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