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CNN, MSNBC & 'The View' May Have Overdosed on Crazy Pills

Todd Starnes · Jan. 8, 2018

The following question was asked by a professionally trained journalist — a member of the White House Press Corps: “Should Americans be concerned about the president’s mental fitness?”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should not have dignified such an insulting question with an answer. Frankly, she should’ve instructed the Secret Service to snatch the reporter’s credentials and toss him off the White House grounds.

In recent days, President Trump has been declared demented, deranged, mentally unstable, increasingly delusional, paranoid, and unfit for office by journalists.

“Trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized or he’s just going to kill all of us,” declared a hysterical Joy Behar — one of the squawking magpies on “The View.”

And yet, to the best of my knowledge, Joy Behar and Anderson Cooper and Brian Stelter and Little Donnie Lemon are not professional psychologists.

They seem to be basing their diagnosis on the obscene hatred they have for our president — still seething with rage because he defeated their beloved Hillary Clinton, a.k.a Mrs. Bill Clinton.

Since the mainstream media has embraced the art-of-armchair psychology, I decided that it might be appropriate for someone to diagnose the mental stability of the mainstream media.

On my radio show, I discovered that a good many news anchors — both male anchors and lady anchors — appear to be mentally stunted and could be unfit for the anchor chair.

Based on my unprofessional armchair analysis, I’ve determined that CNN’s Anderson Cooper is suffering from emotional incontinence.

It’s a disturbance — an emotional disturbance caused by uncontrollable fits of crying and laughter. And if you’ve seen Cooper on television you know that he is prone to burst out in uncontrollable fits of giggles — much like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Now, I know that you might have an urge to chuckle — to poke fun at CNN and Mr. Cooper — but I must insist that you refrain from doing so. Emotional incontinence is not a laughing matter.

When Anderson Cooper laughs, America should cry.

I’ve also managed to observe and diagnose the entire cast of “The View.” Again, it is my unprofessional armchair observation that all of the women are bat-crap crazy and may be suffering from Early Onset Man-Hating She-Devil Syndrome.

Now, do I have rock-solid proof that the folks at CNN and MSNBC and “The View” are slap crazy? Of course not. I have no professional training in psychology. I have no right to make a diagnosis one way or the other.

But the idea that CNN and MSNBC believe they do have the right to diagnose the president’s mental health? Well now, that’s just plumb nuts — certifiable.

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