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Varieties of Democrats' Anti-Trumpism

Marvin J. Folkertsma · Feb. 2, 2018

The phalanx of morose expressions that greeted President Trump’s first State of the Union speech made Eeyore look like an optimist; indeed, if frowns are supposed to trigger more muscles than smiles, Democrats’ facial calisthenics must have left them exhausted as they slunk out of the chamber scorching the air with resentment on the way. Although their serial scowling hints uniformity, the following taxonomy that categorizes recent and well-publicized events suggests at least a few differences among them.

1.) The Intellectually Challenged. Certainly, this is a delicate topic, but if most of us assume charitably that politicians are reasonably intelligent, being slapped with hefty doses of Democrats’ behavior during Trump’s first year demands a re-evaluation. The classic smackdown belongs to Ann Coulter in her pre-Trump evisceration of Sen. Patty Murray, who praised Osama bin Laden for building day-care and health-care facilities for a grateful population, making their lives better. “I defy anyone to produce something stupider ever uttered by a homo sapiens,” Coulter huffed.

Her judgment was premature; Maxine Waters and a menagerie of colleagues too numerous (and embarrassing) to list easily surpass Murray’s numbskull comments. Although she almost certainly did not think that Taco Bell was a Mexican phone company, she cannot run away from her fear that if “North Korea nukes us, Trump gonna get us into a war!” Democrats desperately need huge vetting staffs for their less astute mouthpieces, especially when Trump is discussed.

2.) The Unhinged from Reality. Democrats in this category are not necessarily lacking in the brains department, but neither do they possess a firm grasp on how the world works, or even if there is a world beyond their imaginations. For instance, Debbie Wasserman Hyphen Schultz opined that $1,000 likely doesn’t go “very far for almost anyone,” while her reality-challenged colleague Pelosi concluded that bonuses this size are just “crumbs” — at least compared to Obama’s $40 per-paycheck tax cut. Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, firmly grounded in her Native American heritage, proclaimed in a twit or something that Republican leaders’ self-applause for “punching working families in the gut” is what keeps her fighting. If by that she means fighting for her career as a science fiction author, this is a good thing.

3.) The Deranged. This overused word clearly makes it difficult to discern finer distinctions, but try we shall. Interestingly, the first word listed in a Thesaurus definition is “insane.” That sounds about right, especially since that would make President Trump America’s “Derangement-Inciter-in-Chief” for lefties, which also sounds about right. In any event, Democrats’ derangement has pushed Media Research Center’s resources to the limits, as indicated in a few examples, much abbreviated to save space: Trump’s speech was “divisive, gloomy, and stoked racial tensions.” It demonized “Dreamers” by equating them with illegal immigrant gangs who terrorize and murder American citizens. And of course, there’s no question that Melania Trump wore white to protest her husband’s speech. Yeah, that had to be it.

The point about derangement is that anything Republicans favor automatically is excoriated, even if their proposals are similar to ones made by Democrats in the past, or even if President Trump delivers positive reports about the nation’s progress. Perhaps the most stunning example of this on Tuesday evening was the reaction of African-American congressmen to news about lowered unemployment levels for blacks, which they greeted with sulking indifference. Now that’s derangement.

4.) The Liars. This is another overlapping category but still deserves separate treatment because legions of “Pinocchio’s” are insufficient to express the magnitude of progressives’ lying habits. Fortunately, the Liar-in-Chief is no longer in charge, but who can forget his “if you want to keep your doctor” comment, or how it’s easier for youngsters to buy a Glock than it is to get a computer? His followers haven’t skipped a beat, especially during the debate about Republican tax reform. Guy Benson asked, “Did you hear the one about the ‘private jet deduction’ in Senate Republicans’ tax bill?” If not, you’re in for a treat.

In Benson’s words, “WaPo’s fact-checkers slapped [Senator] Kamala Harris with ‘Three Pinocchios’ for regurgitating this story, adding a fourth Pinocchio for [DNC Chairman] Perez and [Democratic Senator] Merkley over their additional claim that the nonexistent ‘tax break’ was being financed by slashing healthcare and education funding.” He reported other reactions that the bill is a “world-ending ‘Armageddon’ that will kill kill kill(!)” Except that it won’t and instead is triggering an economic boom. Makes one wonder if the new Democratic mascot should be a donkey with a Pinocchio nose that extends from coast to coast.

5.) The Incorrigibles. Whether this includes the entire Democratic contingent on the Hill is a judgment call; about half of them acknowledged the national anthem, at least, but this meant that half did not — a much higher percentage than found at NFL games. Leah Barkoukis’s handy tabulation of positive news that left most Democrats moping in their seats included topics that should have had them leaping with cheers, such as data on job creation, higher wages, employee bonuses, fighting the opioid tragedy, and of course, lower unemployment figures for blacks. All of which makes one wonder just what actually pleases this churlish bunch — a nation in ruins? Go figure.

6.) Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia. This gentleman deserves a category all by himself, because he seems to be the only Democrat inspired by civilized behavior and buoyed by genuine good news for the country and his constituents. Is there any way to clone him? Or at least draft him to lead seminars for his colleagues about how a loyal opposition party should behave? We need to work on this.

The Republican National Committee, known for its tendency to bring a knife to a gun fight, chided Democrats by saying they “are no longer just the party of resistance and obstruction, they are now also the party of sitting on their hands.” Ouch, that hurt. Ann Coulter, better known for bringing a gun to a knife fight, said it better: “Democrats Boo America.”

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