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Right Opinion

Worst Nightmares

Bill Wagner · Jun. 28, 2018

How would you like to be a Democrat today? Earlier this week I suggested that elections just might matter. Anyone want to disagree with that?

First, we got the utterly irrational, over-the-top reaction of the down-the-fairway Democrats to the immigration issue involving separating kids from parents who try to enter the country illegally. Key Democrat leaders urged followers to harass anyone with an opposing point of view in all aspects of their lives — shopping, eating at restaurants, even trying to drive their cars into their driveways at home, not to mention kidnapping their kids and putting them in cages with pedophiles. Recognizing the tension between being civil and risking alienating the activist Democrat base, the “apologies” and “condemnations” from the so-called Democrat adults were tepid at best, and polls are showing that increasing majorities of Americans are legitimately fearful of Democrat-inspired violence. One wonders what genius strategist came up with that.

So, a giant step backward in Democrats losing the rational independent voter. Then we get the Supremes upholding President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Even though this was as clear a ruling as can be in that the actual written order says the grand total of zero about religion and is solely about the president using his blatantly obvious constitutional authority to deal with immigration issues, Democrats went over the top again, claiming bigotry and various phobias, while the rational independent voter scratched his or her head wondering what they were talking about.

Lost in the shuffle was the Supreme Court ruling on the California mandate for pregnancy clinics to inform clients that state-sponsored abortion services were available. The Supremes found that this was a bridge too far, having nothing to do with abortion but everything to do with First Amendment rights and the danger of the “state” mandating speech that the plaintiffs found objectionable. Democrats are fearful that this is the next shoe to drop in a march toward overturning Roe v. Wade, but that’s not the point. It is simply a judgment call by the highest court in the land that government cannot go too far in curtailing free speech. But for a party whose funding relies on cultivating abortion extremists, this was a much bigger gut punch than you might think.

Speaking of funding, the nightmare continued yesterday as the Supremes decimated Democrats’ checkbooks with their ruling on union dues. It may seem like common sense that there should not be a mandate for people who just want to work to have to contribute union dues that are then used to support political causes they may not agree with, but it took a Supreme Court ruling with a new justice to cut down a practice that has been ongoing for decades. The amount of money at risk for Democrats is staggering, since this money laundering scheme — in which forced union dues are contributed to Democrat politicians, who then approve more union goodies and so on — has been a long-time staple of Democrat politics.

Then a 28-year-old Hispanic communist woman in a New York City district beat one of the Democrat old hands who has been in office forever and was considered a likely challenger to Nancy Pelosi for Democrat House leader. The spin from the Democrat central command has been priceless. In an attempt to portray the party as not having moved beyond Bernie Sanders to the left (the kiss of death in any more general contest), the consensus is that the traditional Democrat guy was “too white.” Better for the narrative to be that the vote was a mere one-off in a heavily minority district than to signal to independents that the Democrat Party has moved to the left of Mao. Actually, it’s a loser either way, but the spin was probably the best Democrat officials could come up with on short notice.

So let’s see. Freedom of religion wins out over anti-gay discrimination. Constitutionally provided authority on immigration when national security is at stake triumphs over “Muslim” phobia. Free speech beats government-mandated speech. A communist Democrat beats an old-hand Democrat. And campaign funding hits the wall. Can it get any worse for Democrats? Absolutely!

On top of all this, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, giving Trump another judge and handing Democrats the exclamation point on their worst week in years. Thanks to the Democrat-inspired Senate rules, confirmation of a Trump choice is a given. Democrats will try the usual tactics, perhaps even opining that 18 months in office is too long to allow a sitting president to nominate a Supreme Court judge. After all, the next election is just around the corner.

When that doesn’t pass the laugh test, they will try second prize, which will probably be something like Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to find cause to impeach Trump, so he should not be allowed to appoint a lifetime judge until the Russia probe is over — sometime after 2024. That will fail too, but it will be worth the price of admission to watch Democrats tie themselves in knots trying to balance support for their radical base that cannot tolerate a shift on the Court without destroying their credibility with the #MeToo movement, as Trump nominates a center-right, impeccably qualified conservative woman for the Kennedy spot. To paraphrase Patton: I love it so.

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