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University Refuses to Apologize for Desecrated, Anti-Trump American Flag

Todd Starnes · Jul. 16, 2018

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer wants the University of Kansas to send a desecrated American flag back to wherever it came from.

“Return to sender,” the Republican governor said on “The Todd Starnes Radio Show.” “Desecrating a flag and then flying it over a taxpayer funded building? That’s completely wrong. It was disgraceful.”

The desecrated flag had been raised on the university campus as a political protest against President Trump and his immigration policies. It was part of an art installation sponsored by the Spencer Museum of Art titled, “Pledges of Allegiance.”

After the art installation caused national outrage, the governor ordered the university to take down the flag.

“I called the head of the board of regents and I called the chancellor of the university,” he said. “I demanded that the flag come down that day. They complied. We had to do something and we had to do it immediately.”

The university released a statement saying it was moving the defaced flag into the museum building because of security concerns. The university did not elaborate on what those concerns might have been.

The museum staff issued a statement affirming their “support of freedom of expression in academia and the contributions it brings to our society.”

“We remain committed to engaged and inclusive dialogue with our communities,” the museum staff stated.

Neither the museum nor the university offered an apology for insulting military veterans, taxpayers, or patriotic alumni.

And Colyer said on my radio show he is not satisfied with how the university has handled the desecrated flag. He said it’s nothing more than “politics masquerading as art” and needs to be completely removed from campus.

“Or, there’s another thing that can be done, and that is anytime you retire a flag, desecrate a flag or [have] a worn-out flag, you can call the American Legion, the Boy Scouts, and they will fold it properly, dispose of it properly and with respect — because it represents all of us together,” the governor said. “And I’d be happy to make that call.”

The governor wants the rest of the nation to know that Kansans are a patriotic people who love the military and Old Glory. That’s why he ordered the capitol building in Topeka to be surrounded with American flags.

“It’s a great chance for us to celebrate our unity and to celebrate who we are as the heart of America,” he said.

Lawmakers can also demonstrate their patriotism by defunding the Spencer Museum of Art as well as any other taxpayer-funded institution that desecrates the red, white, and blue.

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