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The Children Demand 'Medicare for All

Guest Commentary · May 13, 2019

By Howard Sachs M.D

Scratch the surface of any of us and not far down is the child. It’s not a bad thing for certain parts of adult life. It gives spirit to the fun, innocence, spontaneity, wonder, and joy that many of us can still muster even in mid or old age. Unfortunately, that child in all of us also seeps through into places of the adult world he does not belong. There he usually creates havoc and wreckage in his wake. There is where evil often occurs. The child in a president reaches out to evil men, naively thinking an open hand and friendly smile will assuage the darkness. It never does; it just revs up the evil men’s disdain and wrath. This week the child is back with the call for full-bore socialism in the form of “Medicare for All.” At its center, this is what socialism-leftism is all about. It’s all about unleashing the child within.

I’ve been a doctor for over three decades. I’ve worked in socialized medicine at a VA, in clinics, in hospitals, and in private practice. This socialism, this Medicare for All business, is about as foolish and childish as demanding “Government Give Us Good life for All,” “Healthy Bodies for All,” “Nice, Comfortable Housing for All,” “Equality for All,” “Free College for All,” “Great Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Children, and Co-Workers for All,” “Great, Kind Bosses and Wonderful Salaries for All,” and “A World Without Guns for All."

What kind of grown American man or woman spouts such puerile nonsense? I’ll tell you who does — people with adult bodies but brutally childish minds in vital areas of civic life. These are men and women of the American Left — people who have swallowed the toxic ideology from Europe and the ideas of Karl Marx, John Dewy, and Woodrow Wilson. They have been taught through these foolish philosophers to channel the child. They have rejected Judeo-Christian values. They have rejected John Locke, George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, and the writers of our Bible — all of whom encouraged us to reject that child inside, to grow up and face civic life as strong, free, realistic, self-reliant, and brave souls.

What kind of American adult learns about the creation of our country and our freedoms, reads history, economics, psychology, and religion, and then goes on to experience life, marry, raise kids, and run a home and a business only to conclude that government politicians and bureaucrats are what should run our lives and presumably give us the material goods and services we want and need? What kind of American adult thinks neighbors who work in government are the people who should tell us and our doctors what kind of surgery to get, what drugs to swallow, how much will be paid for such items, and what supply of such things are allowed? What adult in the room thinks the iron fist of Big Government brings us our great American bounty of excellent food, clothes, shelter, cars, computers, or health care? The American channeling his child does that. The American living in a fantasy world does.

And how awesomely these men channeling their boys are mistaken with such foolish notions. Their child is too ignorant and unwise to understand that it takes maturity and tremendous amounts of freedom to bring all this material good to America. It takes a massive amount of individual liberty, intense free-market capitalism, and severe limitations on government to get us all this excellence in bountiful amounts and at low cost. This is how we get the wonderful Mayo Clinics, fantastic operating rooms, heart-lung machines, skilled and educated doctors and nurses, wonderful drugs, and MRI scanners around the block in nearly every American city. It takes liberty and capitalism, not faceless government bureaucrats ordering us around, barely answering telephone calls and shuffling papers, to get all these millions of free people in clinics and hospitals in good spirits while treating them with skill, compassion, and a strong customer-service attitude. The children wreck all this.

What they leave behind is what is always left behind when kids get the run of the place. Left behind is always a monstrous mess: dull, torpid, mediocre, expensive, government-run, iron- fisted, freedom-depleted health care — a wretched embarrassment for any freedom-loving American adult. Left behind is a dispirited people essentially enslaved to the whims and wishes of their lords in Washington, DC, who look down on them and command them as subjects. Of course, we’ll get stuff with this fantasy, but such childish things will be four to 10 times as expensive while reducing excellence, quantity, and personal freedom.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg are embodiments of everything opposite of the ideal of the free, strong, mature, self-reliant, dignified American man and woman. They embody the child. They are kids of leftism instead of adults of Americanism. They and their terrible values have taken over the Democrat Party and many other institutions in America. They are shrieking kids trying to run a very adult show. Adults in the room are needed to prevent the impending disaster of "Medicare for All.”

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