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Baylor University Prayer Denounces 'Straight, White Men'

Todd Starnes · May 25, 2019

Get a load of the racially charged prayer delivered at Baylor University’s 2019 commencement by Dan Freemyer, the pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

“God, give them the moral imagination to reject the old keys that we’re trying to give them to a planet that we’re poisoning by running it on fossil fuels and misplaced priorities — a planet with too many straight, white men like me behind the steering wheel while others have been expected to sit quietly at the back of the bus,” the minister prayed.

Did you notice the cheers from the crowd?

A friend from Get Religion sent me a link to an exclusive story about the prayer written by Rod Dreher, a fine writer for The American Conservative. 

“This is appalling,” Dreher wrote. “Whoever would have imagined that ‘straight white men’ would be denounced in prayer at a Baylor University graduation ceremony? I wonder how many straight white men are Baylor donors? I wonder how many straight white male and female parents of high school students will understand the meaning of this signal, and look elsewhere for their children’s Christian college education?”

Folks, it is imperative that you do your homework before sending your kid off to what you thought was a Christian university. A Baylor degree may in fact just be a wolf-in-a-sheepskin diploma.

If you are a college-bound straight, white man, you might want to consider removing Baylor University from your list of schools. Your kind is not welcome at what was once a cherished Baptist institution.

And for that matter, if you are a college-bound follower of Jesus Christ, you might want to strike Baylor from your list of potential schools.

I reached out to the university’s director of communications for a statement about the politically and racially charged prayer. Does the university condemn the pastor’s prayer, or does it stand by the prayer?

What assurances can Baylor give to straight, white, male students that they will be welcomed and affirmed at the school? I’ll update this post if I receive a reply.

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