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California Lawmakers Declare War on Chick-fil-A

Todd Starnes · Jun. 18, 2019

A war on the U.S. Constitution and chicken is being waged in San Mateo County, California, where an elected leader is trying to stop Chick-fil-A from opening a restaurant.

David Canepa, a county supervisor, wants to stop the Georgia-based company from establishing an outpost in Redwood City.

“Hell no,” the leftist lawmaker told the local NBC television station.

“Chick-fil-A’s values don’t represent our values,” Canepa said. “The logo might as well say ‘We hate gay people.’”

I’m not sure if Canepa is ignorant or illiterate. But for the record, the Chick-fil-A logo does not say, “We hate gay people.” It says eat more chicken.

“When people think of the Chick-fil-A logo — what they think of is anti-LGBTQ,” he said.

Now that’s a lie and the supervisor knows it’s a lie. Chick-fil-A has never discriminated against gay people. It serve everyones — regardless of sexual orientation.

Supervisor Canepa told the CBS television station in San Francisco he wants to pressure the nation’s third-largest restaurant chain into canceling its plans.

“What we are trying to do is to make sure Chick-fil-A — if they want to do business here – that there is a lot of pressure here and that they should do the right thing and withdraw their application,” he said.

Now that sounds a lot like the kind of extortion scheme a mobster would use. Instead of busting kneecaps with baseball bats, the supervisor is beating up Chick-fil-A with government red tape.

This guy apparently wants business owners to pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag before they are allowed to engage in commerce in San Mateo County.

Chick-fil-A responded to the outlandish lies and political bullying with graciousness.

“Chick-fil-A aims to be a great neighbor in every community it serves and is focused on serving guests delicious food in an environment of genuine hospitality,” it wrote in a statement to the San Mateo Daily Journal. “Everyone is welcome at Chick-fil-A.”

However, it appears there are plenty of intolerant folks in San Mateo County who share the lawmaker’s hatred.

Redwood City resident Merrilly Robinson echoed Canepa’s position on the restaurant.

“I’m really disappointed that our city that says they believe in honoring diversity allows a company with this reputation to come into town,” resident Merrilly Robinson told the newspaper. “It’s a company that promotes hate and discrimination and I don’t believe in financially supporting a company [like that.]”

I’m feeling charitable so I’m going to give Ms. Robinson the benefit of the doubt and assume she made her comments out of sheer ignorance and not animus. Educate yourself, ma'am.

The only way to stop this nonsense is for freedom-loving patriots to rise up and ferociously defend businesses like Chick-fil-A.

And we can start by tossing Supervisor Canepa out of office and then slapping him with a lawsuit — alleging libel. There’s no place for bigotry or liars in government.

We cannot allow this sort of unconstitutional behavior to go unchallenged because one day it just might be your business the Christ-hating bigots decide to target.

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