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Public Library Provides Condoms, Lube, and Chest Binders at Teen Pride Event

Todd Starnes · Jun. 25, 2019

A public library in Renton, Washington, gave children free condoms, lubricant, and held a raffle for “chest binders” during a “teen pride” celebration.

A number of concerned citizens showed up at the King County library wondering what in the name of Dewey Decimal was going on.

But when the parents started asking questions, librarians called the police and the concerned citizens were physically removed from the property.

Lynn Meagher, one of those moms who was physically removed by police, told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” she was appalled by what she saw.

“The entire event was about sex,” she told me. “The vendor tables were covered with condoms, lube, bookmarks shaped like an erect penis and all sorts of other sexual information,” Mrs. Meagher told me.

Folks, I want to apologize for the graphic nature of this column, but it’s important for you to understand the vile filth that these librarians spewed into the minds of the children.

The event was described as a pride celebration for tweens and teens and the “most rainbow filled fun you can imagine.” It included presentations on “safer” sex, a drag show, an “advice panel,” and a “free binder raffle.”

Planned Parenthood was one of the exhibitors and its presentation involved children reading about putting on condoms.

“Examples of the cards were ‘ejaculate into the condom’ and ‘hold the condom while withdrawing,’” Mrs. Meagher told me. “The kids were told, for example, that if they were sharing a sex toy with their partner, they should apply a fresh condom each time the toy was passed back and forth.”

At some point in the event a number of chest binders were given away, she said. Those are devices used by transgender individuals to flatten their breasts.

Mrs. Meagher said around 5 p.m. the librarians announced that the building was being closed and all adults would need to leave the building — unless their children wanted them to stay.

“We were concerned about what was going on after all the things we had just witnessed and refused to leave,” she told me. “The police were called and we were physically removed from the library.”

She said they were later surrounded by four men who “threatened, filmed, blew whistles at us and told us our pictures and license plates were going on Twitter,” she said. “We had to call 911 in order to get to our cars safely.”

Public libraries are being turned into indoctrination centers for the LGBT movement. Parents and taxpayers should be absolutely concerned about what is going on between the stacks behind closed doors.

And based on Mrs. Meagher’s descriptions of what was happening in that library, it sounds like the police accosted the wrong people.

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