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Wall Street's Own Democrats Are Trying to Convince You They're Running Against the Bush GOP

Guest Commentary · Jul. 3, 2019

By Herman Cain

Who do these Democrats think they’re running against next November? Whatever straw man they’ve conjured up in their imaginations, it certainly doesn’t seem like they’re expecting to run against President Trump.

Their tax-and-spend economic arguments and tired class warfare cliches make them sound like they’re running against a caricature of George W. Bush, or maybe even George H.W. Bush. But it’s not 2008 anymore, let alone 1992. This is the Trump GOP now, mainly because he eschewed the elitism of the past in favor of a conservative agenda that works for working Americans.

“Donald Trump thinks Wall Street built America,” Joe Biden — incredibly — claimed from his podium in the middle of the Miami debate stage. “Ordinary middle class Americans built America.”

Donald Trump knows that better than anybody. He won the 2016 election because those very middle income Americans, in the industrial Midwest and all over the country, got back into politics for the first time since Ronald Reagan’s landslide victories in the 1980s.

Wall Street, on the other hand — as Biden knows full well — enthusiastically backed Hillary Clinton back in 2016. By July of that year, Wall Street hedge fund managers had given Donald Trump a meager $19,000 in campaign contributions, but they’d given Clinton $122.7 million — 6,457 times as much. America’s billionaires, meanwhile, handed Hillary twenty times what they gave to Trump by September 2016.

Now, Joe Biden wants us to believe that President Trump thinks Wall Street is all that’s important in America? It’s an outrageous claim, especially considering who the “fat cats” on Wall Street are supporting this time around. You guessed it: Joe Biden.

Trump has never run as the President of Wall Street. He ran against Wall Street. He promised to stand up for the “forgotten men and women of America” by repealing the carried interest tax loophole that Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street backers loved so much and instituting tariffs to protect American workers from unfair foreign trade cheaters.

Nothing about that has changed since Donald Trump has been in office. It’s Wall Street investors who are leading the charge against the President’s economic initiatives, while the hard working families to whom Joe Biden is so shamelessly pandering are thriving under President Trump’s leadership.

A lot of guys on Wall Street have made big money riding President Trump’s economic boom, but that doesn’t mean they’ve learned to love him. Hyper-liberal Vanity Fair admits, for instance, that Wall Street “hates pretty much everything about” President Trump — even after he created the economy they’re profiting from.

Kamala Harris was even more off base at the first Democrat Party presidential debate. “How are you measuring this greatness of this economy of yours?” she asked. Since President Trump was on the other side of the world at the G20 summit in Japan at the time, she supplied the answer for him, sneering that “he talks about the stock market.”

The stock market is booming under President Trump, a fact that benefits a majority of American families, both directly and indirectly. But that has never made up the totality of the President’s economic accomplishments, and Harris knows it.

The vast majority of Donald Trump’s support has always come from low and middle income people who have enjoyed wage growth, lower taxes, and the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 since they sent him to the White House.

But Harris had the audacity to sneer at what working class people have achieved. Without a shred of evidence, Harris claimed that low unemployment is an illusion created by Americans working two and three low-paying jobs to get by.

Senator Harris is categorically wrong. The rate of American workers with two or more jobs has fallen since President Trump took office. This ridiculous lie didn’t make any more sense when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it up last year, so Harris wasn’t even being original with her malicious falsehoods.

These Democrats don’t really believe that they’re running against the Republican Party of 2008 or 1992; they just think that if they pretend they are, the media will help them sell the lie to the American people.

Don’t let them get away with it. Just as in 2016, these 2020 Democrats arethe Party of Wall Street, and Donald Trump is once again the champion of hard working Americans. The American people know that no one on that stage will look out for their interests like he will.

Herman Cain is CEO of The New Voice, Inc. and a former presidential candidate.

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