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'Baby India'

Rebecca Hagelin · Jul. 5, 2019

A tiny newborn, covered in blood from her birth with the umbilical chord still attached, is visible through a rip in the plastic bag.

It’s a shocking sight on the video captured by police who responded to a call from a family who had heard a baby crying in the woods.

To understand the full impact of the scene, you must watch the video. You can find it with a simple Google search: “Police video of baby in a bag.”

What causes a mother to put her baby in a bag and discard her in the woods? The belief that if a child is “unwanted,” it is also unworthy of life.

This general answer applies to nearly every specific situation, but yet there is an unknown reason why this particular little girl was so callously disposed of. Is the mother a victim of sex slavery, forced to relinquish her child? Did she not want to be a mother? Is she a frightened teenager who kept her pregnancy and delivery secret? Regardless of the circumstances, the one thing we know for certain is that our American culture of devaluing life played a role in that innocent baby girl being placed in a bag and left to die in the woods.

What is the difference between what happened to this baby and what Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam advocates, which is that it is perfectly acceptable for newborns to be left to die in a hospital?

What is the difference between the little baby in the woods and the babies in New York or Illinois, which recently passed laws allowing them to be aborted even while they are being delivered and permits doctors to allow babies who survive abortion to be left to die?

How can it be awfully wrong for a desperate mother to dispose of her baby in the woods when a stage filled with elite politicians who want to be president say that it is permissible for that same baby to be left on a table to die?

It is an unspeakable evil and a disgrace of American culture that some politicians think it is just fine for a baby to be killed if it’s done in a “clinic.” The ugly truth is that the struggling infant is being murdered in a “sterile” environment under the watchful eye of professionals.

America is a nation divided — not with some states “free” and others “slave.” This time, some states respect all persons under the law, and others permit infanticide. History shows us that a house divided cannot stand. Civil war may not erupt, but moral decay is already eating at the soul of our country like a deadly cancer.

It’s quite clear that the Democratic Party, whether its made up of billionaires like George Soros, the ruling elite, or their compatriots in the mass media, hate pro-life policies.

The root cause of their hatred comes from their obsession to indulge in whatever behaviors they desire without consequences, their quest for power so absolute that it includes snuffing out the lives of the innocents that get in their way.

Pro-life citizens understand that personal freedom must be accompanied by personal responsibility. When it is not, the rights and freedom of others are denied — including the very right to life.

One wonders what the fate of the baby would have been had she been discovered in New York or Illinois. After all, they and other states that still treat some people as property to be disposed of at will allow mothers to decide to kill their “unwanted” newborns who survive botched abortions. If the mom left her baby to die in the woods, doesn’t that mean the baby should die? Would the police have a right to “interfere”?

Thank God that this baby was found in Georgia, one of the most life-affirming states in the nation that has left the concept of disposable humans — from slaves to the very young — on the proverbial “ash heap of history.” Georgia is filled with loving people willing to make sure that no child is “unwanted.” At the time of the writing of this column, in fact, thousands of families already had offered to adopt the baby, now known affectionately as “Baby India,” named jointly by the first responders and family who made the life-saving call.

Georgia, as do all states, also has a “safe haven” law that permits mothers to leave their newborn babies at law-enforcement offices, hospitals, and other places without fear of being prosecuted. (To find out more, visit

Praise God that Baby India is alive and doing well. I pray for the day when we can say that about all “unwanted” innocents.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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