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An Open Letter to the National News Media

Guest Commentary · Apr. 8, 2020

By Andrew Holloway

Okay, we get it. We’re idiots. Thanks for pointing that out daily because we are so stupid we need reminding every day (and night, for that matter).

Let me point out that we don’t agree with your cynical assessment of us. Are there a small amount of people who don’t care about doing their part in this crisis? Sure. However, no amount of talking to them will change that. But thanks for highlighting them in your daily coverage; that way the rest of us know it’s how you think of us all.

Are there a few people who don’t believe what they hear about this crisis? Sure. But no amount of dialogue will convince them it’s real. Besides, you are a big part of the reason they don’t believe what they see, hear, or read, because you lie to all of us so often about everything to suit whatever ideological agenda you are pushing.

Spare us your daily “worst-case scenarios” of apocalyptic proportions. Brief updates on actual numbers are sufficient. Contrary to what you think, we can fathom the problem and understand the necessity of the required actions that medical professionals and governments are suggesting and imposing.

And don’t think for a moment you had anything to do with that. In spite of you, we’ve been smart for a long time — way before you started to exploit this crisis to advance whatever ideology you have decided we must adhere to. You know what ideology we adhere to? American cooperation and oneness. And through that philosophy we will beat this thing, no thanks to your “negativity for gain” philosophy.

You point out stories of people volunteering to assist others. But then you deride them. What about the MyPillow guy? Or Samaritan’s Purse? You can’t let any good deed go unpunished. But that’s what sells, you say.

But thanks for the story about people who made a little girl’s birthday a little brighter by having a “drive-by party” wherein a bunch of her friends’ parents drove cars by her house so their kids could wave, shout “Happy Birthday,” and blow kisses. Wait a minute — I got that from my local news. You gave me the news about some college kids partying on the beach.

At least you told me about the neighbors who drove by an old WWII veteran’s home to honk, wave, and wish him a Happy 95th birthday. Oh, that’s right — I got that from my local news. You told me about a couple of guys looting a store somewhere in America and wondered if that was going to become a national trend.

At least you told me about the University Hospital nearby that is frantically working on treatments that show “real promise.” Excuse me — that was our local news. Again. You gave me the story about how that won’t happen for another “year or more.”

You’re very good at highlighting the staggering unemployment and tanking stock markets with related stories taking up a good portion of your news. But didn’t you offset that with stories featuring economists who believe that once we are back to “normal,” the economy will likely recover rapidly? Oops, my bad — that was the local news as well.

You know what? Oh, forget it. You’re like the few people who don’t care. No amount of talking to you will matter. Your only concern is your bottom line and ideological agenda. But that’s okay. The rest of us know we will fix this thing together, and that’s what we will highlight.

I admit you may have improved in the last week or so, but I wouldn’t know. I stopped watching.

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