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Veterans Can Be 'Force Multipliers' Against Socialism

Guest Commentary · Apr. 13, 2020

By Paul S. Gardiner

America’s military veterans have a very timely opportunity to once again provide a valuable service to the nation, but this time the service — that is, the mission — can be accomplished through a veteran’s everyday conversations. This mission needs to be accomplished in the coming weeks and months prior to November 2020.

It is a widely accepted fact that veterans, numbering approximately 19 million men and women, are one of the most highly respected groups of people in the U.S. As such, they can have tremendous influence over the direction of public policies and people’s attitudes about many matters. Regrettably, one of the most controversial and disturbing current matters is the rising interest in socialism and far-left policies by an alarming number of Americans.

The people advocating for socialism and far-left policies are, with few exceptions, the same people advocating for open borders, free college and medical care for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, tremendous expansion of government control over people’s lives, and other far-left objectives. Many of these people believe that America’s Constitution is a highly flawed document that needs to be discarded in favor of something new. If such people are elected to high public office, America’s cherished Constitution and republic will be at very significant risk. In response to this threat, veterans once again can perform a great service to the nation by helping to prevent the election of socialists and far-left politicians.

With few exceptions, veterans have a “sphere of influence” consisting of immediate and extended family members, business associates, church friends, social friends, other veterans, etc. In conversations with people in their spheres of influence, veterans can make known their concerns about the future of America.

Veterans can and need to voice their opposition to policies and political candidates who support socialism and far-left programs that work against the Constitution and freedoms guaranteed to all Americans. Conversely, veterans can voice their support for political candidates who genuinely do support the Constitution and America’s unique constitutional republic.

By conducting these conversations as part of everyday interactions with people, veterans can serve as voting “force multipliers” for political candidates who best support and defend not only the Constitution but also the American way of life and traditional values. The opinion of a respected veteran could cause non-voters to vote for the first time and/or cause a different vote to be cast by individuals listening to what the veteran has to say.

Examples of statements a veteran could voice during a conversation are as follows:

“You know, I am really concerned about the direction things are going in America. So many people seem to be wanting socialism and tons of free stuff for illegal aliens.”

“When I joined the military, I swore an oath, a lifelong oath, to support and defend the Constitution, and that’s exactly what I intend to keep doing. Defending the Constitution means fighting against things like socialism and far-left policies. Seems like so many of our freedoms are under attack these days.”

“We need leaders who are committed to protecting the Constitution and not any of this socialism business. I look at what a politician actually does and not just what he or she says.”

“When you look at the two political parties and what they stand for, there is a very big difference. The Democrats have openly advocated for socialism and support far-left policies like open borders, free college and medical coverage for illegal aliens, and voting rights for illegals.”

“So who do I vote for? I vote for the people who really are committed to protecting our liberties and our Constitution — I vote for Republicans.”

“Our country as we know it and love it will not last very long if the Democrats get their way with socialism. They must be stopped at the ballot box.”

In conclusion, every veteran has everyday opportunities to be a strong voice supporting the Constitution and Americans’ God-given liberty and freedoms. Every veteran can voice his or her concerns for the nation and guide others to elect people to public office who truly support and defend the Constitution. I am confident that many of my fellow veterans will be more than willing to undertake and accomplish this very important mission.

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Vietnam veteran, and avid lover of America. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.

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