Reconquista: The Movement

Recently, The Patriot Post provided in-depth analysis of the "immigration reform" issue (see "E pluribus unum?"). We noted the rise of radical Latino identity groups composed of both naturalized immigrants and illegal aliens. These groups are being organized by World Communist Party apparatchiks, who are providing the ethnic incitement behind protests in Los Angeles and other cities from coast to coast.

What are illegal alliens demanding in protests on U.S. soil?

These were protests not just on behalf of "amnistia" -- demanding amnesty and all rights shared by U.S. citizens; for many, they were a means of promoting the reunification of the southwestern United States with Mexico.

The "reconquista" movement is marked by the flying of the Mexican flag over the American flag and has all the elements of a violent nationalist movement with the terrorist implications. If they do in fact resort to violence, all bets are off in regards to the status, guest worker or otherwise, of any illegal alien in this country from south of the border.

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Here are some recent protest photos that the mainstream media did not publish:

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