The SOS Al Gore sinks in Antarctica

Overdoing it with the eco-theology of global warming, 154 explorers set out for Antarctica to witness the phenomenon of melting ice caused by American SUVs. Instead, they witnessed the fact that ice is increasing in Antarctica, namely by running into some with their boat, which then sank. It gets better. The polar express, a 38-year-old ship named the MV Explorer, had a history of inspection problems and was owned by Bruce Poon Tip, a follower, friend and supporter of Al Gore's religion. The New York Times is worried: "While the rescue may have been a success, the consequences for the Antarctic's fragile environment of having a submerged ship estimated to be holding 48,000 gallons of marine diesel fuel sitting off its coast are unclear." Indeed, thanks to Al's buddy, there is a carbon footprint at the bottom of the ocean nearly as big as Gore's.

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