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To President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney in his capacity as President of the Senate, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist:

We, the people of these United States, rightfully petition our President and Senate in affirmation of the obligation of the U.S. Senate to proffer up-or-down full-floor votes on the President's judicial nominees.

Given the present Senate impasse over the President's judicial nominees, it must be said that this debate is not about a "looming Constitutional crisis" -- we are in the midst of perhaps the most serious Constitutional crisis in more than a century.

For months now, Demo-gogues Harry Reid, Teddy Kennedy, Bobby Byrd, et al., with the help of their Leftmedia minions, have railed against any effort to change Senate procedure regarding judicial filibusters.

But Republican and Democrat leaders know that filibuster in the case of judicial nominees circumvents the constitutionally-mandated full Senate vote for judicial nominees. Clearly, the Democrat strategy is to keep constitutional constructionists from reaching the Supreme Court -- opting instead to advance judicial activists who would legislate their constituent agendas from the bench by diktat. Of the latter, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The Constitution...is a mere thing of wax...which they may twist and shape into any form they please."

Act now to stop the Democrats assault on our Constitution. Demand that Senate Leader Bill Frist and Republicans take necessary action to ensure President Bush's judicial nominees are voted on by the full Senate as prescribed by our Constitution, and not held hostage by Democrat filibuster.

We, the signers of this petition, urge Majority Leader Bill Frist and those on both sides of the aisle who value our Constitution to resist compromise and take necessary action to ensure President Bush's judicial nominees are voted on by the full Senate as prescribed by our Constitution. No compromise allowing some of the nominees to pass will suffice. If all of the President's nominees do not receive a floor vote, not they, but the Senate majority will have failed their oath of office by abandoning the Constitution's prescription for full Senate consideration of all nominees.

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