We, the people of these United States, rightfully petition our President, House of Representatives and Senate to proffer a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, coupled with the enactment of the tax system overhaul Republicans promised.

In order to prevent the weight of the central government from crushing free enterprise and, ultimately, our Republic, we must enact a constitutionally mandated balanced-budget amendment and real tax reform (such as that proposed under HR25 -- FairTax Bill). That amendment and reform will force Congress to either make dramatic cuts in government spending or enact enormous tax increases to pay for the current distended and mostly unconstitutional government budget.

A Balanced Budget Amendment, combined with real tax reform; namely, a flat or national sales tax with deductions and exclusions, will result in a reduction in government spending, as American taxpayers will not tolerate bearing the burden of the actual cost of government.

We call on Republicans -- our President and Congress -- to make such legislation the new priority in Washington, ushering in a new era of restraint, responsibility and respect for the constitutional limitations of government. We expect President Bush to embrace Ronald Reagan's legacy, and make limited government and fair taxation his administration's principal objectives for the remainder of his second term.

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